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Mission in Amsterdam

Well I ve been reading your trip reports a while, so I think I should share my First trip experiences with yous.

Well I ve been reading your trip reports a while, so I think I should share my First trip experiences with yous.
Others might follow, but I m not sure yet :)

As far as it comes to me I m a German and by that time me and a friend of mine decided to do a little trip to Amsterdam, cause we didn t know the city yet.

We didn t wanna go by car, cause there are a lot of car breakers in A-dam, so we had the choice to go by train or plane. We went to a travel agency and checked out the prices for such a trip ( round way ).
we couldn t nearly believe it, but the flight was even cheaper, for that the choice was easy..

That so far to the scenery of my shroom trip there.

I m pretty unsure how I should rate my trip, cause I dont know weather it should be 3 or 4. --> we ll see ;)

So we ve been on a three day trip in A-dam and hung around in a lot of Coffie-shops ( Hash-Bars ) and had a pretty good time by smokin and eatin cakes and stuff.

On the second day I decided to get some shrooms, cause they sold em too in those shops.
I ve been raeding bout the shrooms a lot by I ve never tried em.So I just bought a pack of cubensis ( couldn t say how much a bag was )and ate it in the morning.
We ve been walking through A-dam and smokin, but nothin happend.
After maybe 2 and a half hours I saw little colours and it seemed to me like I was walking 10 cm s higher but nothing else.

I ve been a little disappointed but we had a good evening in the BABA ( good shop, best one we found there, for those who will be in A-dam somedays ).

The next morning ( the day we had to leave by plane ) I thought I should try it better that day. It was early in the morning and the plane left at 8 at night, so I thought I ll be cool.
I bought to packs and ate em, so far so good !
I thought to make them work betta I shouldn t eat anything else, so I didn t.
And we went through A-dam other time and got a little stress, cause my friends electronic adress book was stolen from the hotel, oh my god .... he was pissed of. He was takin the shit out of anybody, cause his fuckin thing was gone, I told him he should be cool, we re in A-dam and should have a good time.
Time rushed by and nothing happend other time. Now I was kind of pissed cause I paid a lot of money for them, I wouldn t be able to smoke that money in a day ( and I m quite a smoker ).
With all the stressy situations we ended up in BABAs bout 4 in the afternoon waitin until we had to get the train to the airport and went deep into smoking.

Yeah 4 o clock, smoking and leaving A-dam at 6 to be cool at the airport.
I was just hitting the bong....


I haven t even been thinking at the shrooms anymore, but there I was...
I couldn t believe what was going on...

I m siting in BABAs round 4 o clock looking around in my new BABAS. walls come in and out.... oh my god look at those facinating colours, thats fuckin great ...
Hmmm ... my friends sitting next to me looking kind of strange and is hitting the bong.... here my turn...thanx man I m out of smoking for a while, I guess... just the girl working there in the place and one guy siting next to the bar and looking at me ... does he know ???
I decide he doesn t and get giggly at him cause hes looking so funny in that shaking room ... I m enyoing this for a while until my friend asked me to roll up a spliff, cause by that time he didn t know how to do it (today he does) and he doesn t like to smoke the bong anymore.
I try to tell him I couldn t do it neither but he didn t know too.. he goes: for sure you can do it youre a good roller. O K hmmm .. lets see... were the fuck I got the papers... a in my jacket I think ... fuck I had to make up a plan to roll up a f.. joint...I m shaking thinking step by step what I have to do ... thre it came up that mission thing ... chapter one rolling up a joint.. what am I trippin on .. I dunno... O K I get it right ... paper filter the mixure already clear for goin.. put it together man... I got it together and start to roll ... I m shakin like hell...Tell my friend I cant do it , Im shaking. Could I do it later? ... later.. fuck whats later I m thinking...He tells me I m good we got enough time!

He is freaking me out.... time... What the fuck is time Im thinking.I totally lost time... that thought hammers in my brain...Im thinking faster and faster...here it goes wow.
So I m in the time thing now ... pretty cool I think... now I got time, whatever it is, but I don t need to care.. cause its worthless for me.
I m still in BABAs I guess and I m thinking and I have thoughts I couldn t even think of before...ahh there is BABA it is a big buddha with 8 arms and all kinds of smokey stuff in it, I was chillin on that thing the night before..but now he is moving... cool thing.
Hey ... what up with the spliff ?? it goes ... you ve had enough time ... ahhhrg whats that shit I m thinking .. my friend ...
You had twenty minutes, is that a lot? I don t know for me it was nothing at all and everything those onynomous 20 minutes.. but I remeber the joint.. ok.. still need three times to do it ( I guess my worst joint I ever rolled up ).
He is happy.. gives it to me... no I cant... I m thinking.

time..I ve heard this before .... and I know we have to leave sometime that day to fly home. How much time we got left? I ask... we got bla,bla bla.. I cant understand what it means... so I ask .. are we cool in time to leave, watch the time I cant .. even dont know anymore..he has to lead me.
He s going curious on me, whats going on with me .. I tell em the shrooms really kicked in.. he didnt have em before so he didnt know.

right now Im writing this years later and I still know..curious thing..right now I m pretty stoned and just wandering weather I just smoked a cigarette or not,fuck it just smoke one :)
Sorry folks that smoke thing just made me think, but lets go on

I say you re the boss now I can t handle anything anymore in the world you are actually in, I got my own.
He is cool and just tells me its ok.
But now I m thinking of the leaving thing, wheather what I gotta do to get there airport and shit.... oh my god.. I cant handle this shit.... We have to get a train ticket, I have to pay with money...by the way whats money??

Fuck that folks... I hate my computer I ve just been writing for half an hour more but its gone now... fuck it
were is my fuck it key on that pc? I did put this so far in my ram but now I got a major problem cause I just finished and I dont think I get this so real other time..
really fuck it.. sorry I ll have to shorten it now.

here you got the money...(Im cutting conversations now, i had a lot maore in before)...hes the boss now...so I m trippin bout my mission to fly home and bother him all the way...I have to go through customs and stuff.. show an officer my passport and look him in the eyes..uahhh

I just looked up what I wrote so far, and shit even the baba thing is missing now.

Ok I m trippin on my mission to get home cause that was my mission now. But there was BABA too.. there he is .. he is a 8 armed buddha with a bad ass baley and got smokey stuff in his hands I was chillin on him the day before but now he was even coole, cause he is moving. cool zhing it is...
when will I be cool again, how can I get cool again if I got no time..tough qestions right now...I cant get away from my mission...

ohh I m mixing up now.. of course I did the joint too.

I try to roll...3 goes ...here it goes ( my worst joint I ever rolled up)... he is lucky and smoking.. I cant smoke anymore....I get a bad feeling about the city now, like those smoking paranoic flashes while smoking in unknown areas.

Fear and loathing in las vegas, i ve seen this movie few weeks ago and there was the sentence ... Las Vegas isn t a good place for psycedellic drugs...A-dam neither

so I keep on trippin on my mission how horrible it would be cause I m in another world.... time to leave.. ok he needs to lead me ... out on the streets of A-dam I enjoy my trip.. ain t that hard out here and ...hey ... I m in a movie.. I m in fuckin Pulp Fiction.. crazy am I .. Pulp Fiction never played in A-dam just the A-dam story from Vincent Vega makes me think I m in Pulp Fiction..no not think .. I am.
So I enjoy walking to the train station through all those crazy looking people.. and I m getting clearer in my brain I think... at the station.. my friend calls to germany with a german calling card.. the phone got a display with the worth of the card.. but whats that.. weird numbers.. going up and down... value s changing but not only down... 2,56.. 5,73..1 ,38.. I cant handle it. I m used to our ohones anyway ... always 0,30 less, whats going on...my friend s finished.. I asked him bout the numbers ... everything is all right, there was no weird stuff...hmmm..I thought I d be clear..

So we took the train and I was still trippin a while on our way to the airport but by the time we got there I was cool and I passed customs and check in without any difficulties, just right in time.

that was in 1996 I think and Ive been taking shrooms by times..hmm..times..hihi..yeah I gaot that time thing there and by now never reached that timelevel again and I tried hard...Had a bad trip too tryin on. I might write about that an other day.
I got much intense visuals and stuff but that time thing was amsterdam, for that I rated it as a 4, however, I didn t get that much visuals there.

I haven t had another trip after that bad one in mexico but I think I ll go soon, try another time or don t try, cause I think it takes you whenever you don t think it happens.

I m still thinking .. man I had that time and I could have been thinking about everything.. but it was the wrong place and the wrong time for that.

Sorry my pc wasn t working right cause my first second half of the report was way more how it really was than that..

just say bemushroomed.. and this was nearly how it was , but words really cant write shrooms.. keep goin ;)

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