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Minor Threat

After school, me and two friends went downtown so that Mac could weasel cash from his mom.

After school, me and two friends went downtown so that Mac could weasel cash from his mom. We listened to Minor Threat on the way down and on the way back to my house. The Plan: To aquire 1 ounce of pot and 1 ounce of shrooms. The phone call came and it was time to talk numbers. Big T arrived with the goods. Our plan had succeeded.

By then Mac was already hammered and Big T dropped 2 handfulls of mush(about 13 grams of the most potent shrooms that town ever saw). We went upstairs to the dining room table to look at our bounty. We then began to smoke big fat joints. Big T put about 9 grams in front of me. This ws my first time and all I knew about shrooms was that "you see lights and shit". Boy, was that person ever wrong. I hadn't eaten anything that day and proceeded to munch the bunch. Within 5 minutes I couldn't break up weed anymore and I started to shake. I felt full of energy and also a little uncomfortable. Whenever I closed my eyes I began to see pixels like in the Tv swirling around making a masterpiece image of a man walking his dog. Of this night I remember very little, but of what I do remember I'll never forget.

I remember saying "what are we doing?". I was later told that that is all I had said for almost four hours. I really wanted to know what we were doing. blackout.

I found myself on the downstairs couch with Big T flicking a lighter shouting "your on fire". I freaked. Blackout.

I awoke with everyone piling out the door. I saw blue and red all over. I thought the cops were there busting our asses. By this time it didn't matter because in my mind everything became destiny. If I got arrested, it was supposed to happen, if anything at all bad ocurred it was meant to be and this gave me such utter peace of mind that you could never acheive in reality. Everything felt right. I could have committed any crime without remorse because it was supposed to happen(I didn't though). I thought every cop in the city was at my house trying to get me to come out. I could see them in my windows and hear them on the megaphone. At this point my parents walked in. Blackout.

I woke up on the upstairs couch to the loudest bang I ever heard and saw the huge window in my house bulge inward and saw the sound waves moving forward. Blackout.
I woke to the ring of the phone. So I picked it up. No one there. I began to worry that I was inside my own head with my body dead or on a stretcher somewhere in a coma. I could hear voices coming from far away but I couldn't find where they were coming from. My friends vehicles were still at my house but they weren't. It clicked. My friends were in the house but I couldn't see them. I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror. It was strange because I looked exactly like Ringo Starr and my hands were all fat from the knuckles up.

My friends walked in, they had actually left, and we then smoked more weed. I had never been more glad to see people in my whole life. I had wicked tracers. If you can, try to get a spirograph, they are damn trippy. I also realized how much I suck but that's ok, I got over it.

My parents didn't actually come home, I just saw them there. I also saw about fifty people upstairs partying. They also weren't there. One thing that bugged me was that my parents were gone and I coudn't remember where they went or when they would get back.

I don't know what it is but ever time I hear Minor Threat it takes right back to the up phase of a mushroom trip.

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