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Mind and Time

FORWARD: The first bit of this story may be a little slow and you don't HAVE to read it, although I recommend it to understand the situation.

FORWARD: The first bit of this story may be a little slow and you don't HAVE to read it, although I recommend it to understand the situation. Here we go...

My friend Pat and I (both 17) have shroomed out maybe 3 or 4 times prior to this. Our first trip was completely insane although it was only a level 2. This trip was different. We had been planning it maybe a week or 2 in advace, as we always do. We knew the spot, time, etc etc.

The problem was that Pat already had his shrooms. I didn't. But we went anyway because another good friend of ours (Dameon), GAVE us the rest of his bud. It was probably about a gram.. maybe a little less. Anyway... Pat and I drive out to this place we Homestake Meadows. He already ate his eigth, probably about 3.5 grams, and he has a really speedy metabolism because hes an animal. Anyway, I'm a little bummed out because I dont have my shrooms. I mean wouldn't you be a little upset? Yea, I thought so. Anyway, realizing things could be worse. We roast a bowl and start our hike.

We both had brought headphones with music (I had techno, he had whos knows what). We spent awhile just looking around. I could tell just by looking at him that we was beginning to trip. He was crawling around in the snow (yes we live in montana, and its winter) and was just moving to the music because I was really high. He then got up and we both stood with our back to the sun and we were listening to the music and watching our shadows move. It looked crazy beyond beleif, and I wasn't even tripping on shrooms yet!

We walked a little ways up the hillside, looking around and stuff, and we stopped because Pat was just looking around with this HUGE as grin and he couldnt talk. It took him a great deal of effort to get out, "Oh man Miles, I wish you knew what was going on in my head right now." I simply replied. "Me too." Just looking at him watching everything made me smile, but I was also bummed out because I hadnt got my shrooms yet. I asked him to smoke another bowl, and we did, but we couldnt finish it because it was too big (lol, this doesnt happen very often, but I just wanted to have an awesome experience... the pot didnt work... it only made me tired) Anyway, after failing repeated attempts to get Pats attention (I wanted to go get to the car to go get my shrooms now, hopefully) I started yelling, "Pat, we have to get to the space ship! The langoliers are coming!!! (for those of you that dont have a fucking clue what I'm talking about... watch the Langoliers, its a Stephen King movie, and its just completely insane. Just insane) He got all wide eyed and was like "WHAT?!" I just kept repeating it and running back down the trail towards the car, thinking to myself, Man, I've never fucked with anyone on shrooms before. this is kinda fun, HAHAHAH. Pat looked not only confused, but fucking scared... But when we got to the car (or space ship, lol. His car is a Subaru XT Turbo, from the 80s, and it lookes like someones vision of what futuristic cars would look like, and they got it all wrong) I drove because he was unable.

To make a long story short, we went to my house, I dropped him off, went and got my shrooms, came back and took them.

Okay, I know your thinking, FINALLY! he got his fucking shrooms!

This is where is gets fucked up.

We drove down to the grocery store so Pat could go get some beagals and some water. I was staring to feel the effects. I was getting all warm, started laughing for no reason and my thought processes were speeding up. He was gone for what seemed like an hour. I could soon find out, it was actually close to that. About 25-30 minutes. He said he was scared shitless in there. I just thought, yea, I bet. Anyway, when he arrived back at the car, I was like, "Man.. You better drive, I can't." I might add that he was ending the peak of the trip and mine was just starting. It was rather weird. Because I got to watch him trip, then he got to watch me.

Anyway, we drove back out neer where we were before. But we stayed in the car. Time meant nothing to me. I couldnt grasp it. And I couldnt talk. My mind was going so incredible fast that I almost couldnt keep up with it. But I managed. I try to talk to Pat, but all that came out was either: complete nonsense. "MAN, this is fucking CRAZY!! Its just NUTS!!", or "OH MAN! This is awesome" Thats all I could say. Pat just looked at me. Smiled, nodded, and said, "Yea, I know... I know." (Pat is a really mellow person, and just watching him do that made me laugh... We have had this connection ever since our frist trip (I might wright about it.. and if I do, it will be under Level 2 and I'll call it Awakening). We can just look at each other and read eachothers mind. Its as simple has that. I know it sounds crazy, but I know some of you reading this will know what I'm talking about if you have had a bonding shroom experience with a friend where your whole lives change afterwords.

We drove out to a wilderness place with a road that windes all thru it. My mine was just going completely crazy and I couldn't talk at all. I just so unbeleivably happy. I felt so alive and everything made me smile. Every time I looked at Pat, he would smile, and so would I. I just knew he knew what was going on in my head from his hard tripping earlier. We stopped and looked at some trees and I couldnt beleive my eyes. The trees were twisting and spinning together and part of me knew it was really happening, but another part of my was like... holy shit man, whats going on? I felt like i had been in this perfect euphoria forever. It was like being in eternity. I knew no beginning, and I could sense no end. I was just in my mind, with my mind, and when I was able to actually see anything, it was all spinny and just incredibly crazy looking. I was just so happy.

It all seems foggy now, and I dont remember alot of it, simply because it was all in my head. No words can explain what was going on. Other than I just WAS. "I think, therefore, I am." I wish I could offer you a better report. But will try with my next one, which we will be Level 2 soon. It will be much better than this one, I assure you. It will be called Awakening, and I'll be writing it soon.

Until then, I thank you for not getting bored and stopping half way thru my story. If your reading this. You made it all the way thru. Congrats!

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