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Midnight Expedition (CRAZY 3.5g TRIP)

[2nd time trippn] It was a Saturday night @ 6:45 PM when me n my friend ate 3.

[2nd time trippn] It was a Saturday night @ 6:45 PM when me n my friend ate 3.5 grams of golden gooms. Our plan was 2 begin at our friends bond-fire at the beach so we headed out fairly quickly after we had consumed them. We had 2 make a stop by our friends house n then by the store to get grits. When we went inside the store we began to laugh uncontrollably, the faces of the ppl in the store were hilarious for sum reason. We finally got our ciggys n we were on our drive 2 the beach when we were certain our trip had began. It had only been about 45mins or so and SHIT WAS TRIPPINN ME OUUUTTT. We eventually arrived @ this bond-fire which i was rele uncertain about going and i was having many doubts about the night, myself, my life. When we started talking to ppl i HAD 2 just sit dwn and relax, but it didnt help. Every voice that was speaking around me i could hear, all at once, as if i was listening to each individual person at the same time. I needed to leave so me n my friend that was also trippin bounced the fuck out. We decided 2 go on a little walk when a little bird starting to lead where we were walking 2. It kept walking forward n then turning around n waiting 4 us, like it wanted us to follow him. We kept following it, until my friend had a bad feeling about it so we went 2 the car (thats how scared he got). Then we drove back 2 his house (25 min drive), which felt fairly short 4 sum reason. When we arrived @ his house we 'thot' we weren't even tripping very much anymore. We began 2 play halo and were very happy that his parents were not gunna be home till later. After about 15minutes into our halo match we were so involved in the game we had both thot that was our lives. We began to freak out becuz wenever we got killed we were scared 4 our life, like we were actually in the game. Finally we pulled the plug and RIGHt when that happened i felt a wave of mushrooms hit me. I began to laugh and so did my frend, we were so motivated about our real lives that we wanted to go EXPLORE THE WORLD. We dressed ourselves up in boots, camo, safari hats, n scarfs. We decided to begin in his own backyard. As we walked through his house i was amazed and mesmerized by all the middle-eastern rugs in his house. I saw patterns of spades, hearts, diamonds, shrooms, and pyramids flowing all together in colors of yellow, green and shades of purple/blue. IT WAS SICK. When we made it to his backyard I felt a strong connection with nature, as if i sumhow understood it better. We explored all his flowers, trees, bushes and sculptures until we decided 2 leave his house and go explore more of our enormous planet that we felt we were on. We drove to a forest where we began to explore with keen interest. BTW at this point in the trip hallucinations were strong, nut comfortable for me. The grass was swirling together as if it were breathing, it looked similar to the lungs when breathing. Trees and plants were swaying together and everything looked so alive and vibrant. Animals seemed to be very active and friendy, and were very easy to understand and get along w/. We spent about 15mins exploring this forest wen we drove back 2 his house where my trip began to take a slow steady end, which was soothing, (COMPLETELY OPPOSITE OF MY 1ST TRIP), and i had no uneasiness. I drew pictures on a bean bag and gathered my thots until i fell asleep, completely satisfied and content with myself and my life. - I would highly recommend shrooms to any1 thats thinkin about doing them.

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