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It was my first time eating magic fungi.

It was my first time eating magic fungi. I was with my friend Tons a fun aka Joe. We decided to eat the shrooms at my best friends house while he was working and his parents were away. Hhhmmm whole house alone to 2 people tripping...scary. Anyways my friends house has all these cool statues of animals and LOTS of Mickey mouse stuff animals and all that crap. So after dancing to Paradise by a Dashboard Light in the backyard, and trying to find the turtle that crawls around in the backyard, me and joe in the house. Joe goes off into the living room watching ice age, and i found myself in the kitchen making a pot tart that I didnt even want. All of a sudden I hear this voice. It wasn't joes voice. So I started to search around the house I couldnt understand where this voice was comming from....I looked down and this stuffed Mickey Mouse doll was talking to me, asking me if he could have some of my pop tart. I was so amazed that MICKEY was talking to me I sat down next to him and had a conversation that I cant even explain...plus I kept giving him my pop tart, but he woudlnt eat it. After that people started to show up at my friends house for the party that was goin to be takin place...me and joe got scared (u know what thats like when your tripping and everyoen around you isn't...scary!) So we decided to leave...go off into the open. Somehow in the search to hear music we ended up in my friends moms car...joe snuck his way back into the house to get the keys....bad move... Luckly we tried goin somewhere, but almost hit the basketball net and decided to drive the van would be a very bad bad idea, that and someone took the keys away after they realized we where in the van. So in the search of music, we went next door TO MY HOUSE, we raved in my shed with our cell phones, and then got the bright idea to GET MY KEYS TO MY CAR. Things we going good...we got in my car, park somewhere safe (in front of my friends house) My friend "wanna get high" came to check on us in the car (he was the only one who knew where we were) And both of the guys had to pee...So i thought it would be a good idea to go to "the spot"(smoking spot) to be...and i would drive. On the way to the spot which was around the block...I look out my window and a midget was running along side my car....not just any midget but the LEPRAUCHAUN (cant spell...u know that movie though) well yea he was outside my car...i screamed and looked up and all these flashing lights were in my face I got so scared and drove off then stopped to realize it was a bunch of ppl in search for me and joe because we SO NONCHALANTLY got up and left my friends house. (By sayin nonchalantly I mean we were hiding behind the pool while ppl gathered in the backyard..then we decided the best way to esacape was to pretend that noone saw us as we walked right out the front door) That was my first time on mushrooms....I mean more happened I just cant put it all into words....U KNOW HOW THAT IS!!!

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