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Metallica trip

Me, C, S and Z got our shrooms at the waterfront and we said goodbye to everyone and went off to C's car to eat.

Me, C, S and Z got our shrooms at the waterfront and we said goodbye to everyone and went off to C's car to eat. We had 16 grams split 4 ways but it was Z's first time doing shrooms and she is a small girl, so she only had 1.5g. That left me S and C with about 4-6g each. We ate them then C drove to S's house to leave his car there. We all went inside for a bit and right away i could feel the shrooms, my legs felt like jelly and this was only 20 minutes after eating them. We left S's and went to the park across the street, sat around on the swings and shit for a while. The first thing i saw was the gravel start to move, nothing i haven't seen before but still cool. After a while the moving gravel turned into gravel with moving faces and skeleton figures in it. Playing around in it was fun. After a while we left the park, i felt like prancing through the grass cuz it looked so sweet. We began our walk downtown smiling and laughing at everything. We got to Laura Mae's house and shane went over to say hi then quickly came back. We walked passed the store and thats when i felt the shrooms really kick in, i felt like mushrooms dust was being poored all over me, thats the only way to describe it, i felt like sparkly things were falling all over me. Z was getting really confused and C was taking care of her so me and S were walking ahead talking about how high we are and it had only been an hour at the most. C and Z cought up and we all just kept walking downtown, admiring the bushes and scenery. By this time we were all nicely affected bt the shrooms and all time was lost. We just kept walking. Me and S leaned on this railing that looked over a parking lot and the whole lot looked like a pit of lava, shiting, turning and melting into itself, It was amazing to look at. After being mezmorized by the parking lot for a minute we continued on and eventualy arrived back at the waterfront. We found a hill shaded by trees and we all sat in the dark. As soon as I sat down I had an urge to summersault and roll down the hill, so i rolled backwards, quickly stood up then sat back down, it felt awesome. Sitting in the dark I started to think about who i am and it all seemed so clear. I thought really hard about it and for a while i was looking at myself, i saw myself as this amazing person for some reason, so unique, dark and mysterious, i felt perfect. I put on my headphones and listened to Metallica - fade to black, the music sounded more amazing than ever. I put my head down and closed my eyes and i saw a mirror immage of some crazy colors in what looked like a tunnel, twisting around back and forth in sync with the music. I opened my eyes and the world was no different than what I had just seen. Every blade of grass, every tree, everything was swirling and twisting. This was amazing to look at but i quickly got distracted and started playing with my headphone cord for a few minutes. S noticed and laughed at me so i stopped, and put the music away to talk. The four of us huddled close in a circle, all touching and talking. The strongest bond developed between us all. I felt like I could jump into people and become one with them. I could read all their thoughts. I knew what to say and what I was going to be asked even if it didn't make sense. I knew the answers to every question, sense or not, i just knew. Everything i said sounded right, or hilarious. We talked about how people travel in bubbles, and how we're in our bubble right now and we may collide with another bubble of people to interact. It made so much sense. My mind was so clear, it felt insanely great. I was thinking about astrology and how my sign is Sagetarious. We are adventurers, and this is why i felt so perfect and like myself. I felt like I could do anything and go anywhere, I wanted to adventure, I wanted to stand and observe and keep a look out on things for my friends, whether needed or not. I stood up, looked around at everything for a while then walked down the hill into a brighter area. They all started yelling at me to come back because I had broken the bubble and it wasn't right. I sat down with them and we were complete again. We all just continuted talking about this and that, laughing histarically and coming up with crazy ideas, that were so right and true. The amount of visuals i was seeing was awesome, and the content and perfect feeling i had was almost overwhelming. I'd get intense body sensations that made me want to scream and flail my limbs because it was so great combined with the thoughts. I couldn't have asked for anything better at the time. We tried to figure out time, it was impossible, time was gone, it didn't exist, did it ever exist? What was an hour? Had we been here for 15 minutes or all day and all nite? there was no way of knowing. I listened to more music, another metallica song, this time it was Nothing Else Matters. After listening to it, I had it repeating in my head the whole nite, this was good. All of my senses were right fucked, I felt no cold or pain. I was burning my hand with a lighter and biting myself until I almost drew blood... no pain felt. When putting the lighter to my hand i noticed my arm and hand kept shrinking and growing, this was interesting. We all sat around for a while longer talking and decided to to get up. We walked down and met this guy Ryan who hung out with us and walked around for a bit, but then departed and was on his own way. We were on our way back to the park we started at now, and slowly we got there. On the way back we looked at the clock at the mall and found out it was 2am. It had been about 4 hours. We could now comprehend time and we started to come down on our way back. Got to the park and sat down at a picnic table, the table was still swirling and moving in and out, there was a Metallica logo drawn onto the table that looked really good, and it was sweet cuz i had been listening to metallica, I will remember this as my Metallica trip. After a bit of sitting at the table, it stopped swirling and we all knew the trip was pretty much done, we started to feel cold again which was another sign. So we headed into S's house across the street and stayed up all night talking and laughing about shit, again listening to Metallica.

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