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metal and mushrooms

Okay, the night started out simple enough.

Okay, the night started out simple enough. Me and my friends John and joel were going to a concert at the Rexville Grange, a little club sized venue.

The band playing that night was Prozack Staple which is made up of friends of ours.

Anyway we had come that night hoping to find acid(the grange is notorious for being the easiest place to score damn near any drug you want, good prices too). After wandering around the parking lot for an hour it became obvious that we wern't going to find any acid. So me and my friends were standing around smoking a bowl when this guy walked up to us and said,"That guy over there is selling shrooms man"

Well we bought as many as we could afford. Slightly over half an oz. of cubensis. We munched them down quickly, too quickly. Prior to that none of us had eaten fully dried mushrooms. It is unbearable. I gagged like 3 times.

Around this time the band started playing so we all went inside(instead of paying we just walked right past the cashier looking really high).

It only took like 20 minutes to start feeling strong effects from the shrooms. The ground and the floor started flowing over itself like a river.

After about an hour after I started feeling it the air around me had turned into a thick collidescope of color and movement. Everything had movement and energy.

About 2 1/2 hours in the music, colors, movement started getting to me and it was all too intense and overwhelming. I decided that I needed to be outside, now. I got up and walked quickly to the exit and sat down on the front steps. But even being outside on the steps wasn't helping. I decided I needed to go lie down in the car. So I stood up and started walking towards the car. I was so lightheaded I couldn't even feel my body as if it wasn't even there. Yet I wasn't stumbling or anything like that. After what felt like an eternity I reached the car only to find it locked. But that didn't matter anymore I had to lie down. I started walking towards some grass to lie down in and the entire world around me just started melting away, turning to static. Despite the fact that there was no sound except a few people wandering the parking lot everything was very loud. I collapsed to the ground, everything was completely black now. I rolled over and puked what was left of the mushrooms up. Instantaneously everything was very quiet. I began to recognize shapes, colors, and sounds again. I felt just fine after that. I was still frying pretty hard, but the rest of the night went just fine.

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