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merging into the universe

it was a Wednesday night, a school night.

it was a Wednesday night, a school night. i had some shrooms delivered to my hour around 10:00 PM and waited about a half an hour deciding whether i wanted to do a half eighth or the whole eighth. obviously i decided on the eighth, and ill tell you this was some fucking eighth maybe 20 stems and 10 caps i chewed them up real good and ate the whole thing with some iced tea.

i started feeling a bit strange about 15 minutes after ingestion , and then the really weird perspective shifts started taking place. i was in a dark room watching a movie on a big screen, i felt like i was part of the chair i was sitting in, i could feel its feelings and thoughts and it could feel mine.

about an hour after ingestion i started tripping face. i saw brilliant colors every time i closed my eyes, feeling like i was in a room of thick paint-like color and soon i was sky rocketing towards the glorious peak as i watched TV and saw only colorful blotches that dripped onto the floor in front of it. as i continued to recline in my comfy chair i felt like i was merging with space and nature, the entire room was like a 2 dimensional surface , like i was looking at a picture with no depth. i excitedly turned on some music, Electric c light orchestra, and was soon bursting with energy and speed-walking around the room to the beat of the music and looked straight ahead of me while doing this and literally felt like i was floating ten feet above the ground. after about 15 minutes of this mindless fun i crashed into a wall and fell quite abruptly, however it didn't hurt. i felt like i was destined to smash into the wall.

as i lay on the ground int the dark, about 4 hours after i ingested the fungi, i looked around the room at the ground level and it seemed so large i couldn't comprehend it. i started closing my eyes and envisioning strange scenarios, which i could not control. i felt like i was stuck to the floor, forever stuck in that one spot. my brain recoiled at these visions and i would get extremely intense chills every time this happened.

i thought of people with bleeding eyes and huge mouths and then i would open my eyes and the pillows throughout the rooms would become these horrific spectres and i could not tell the difference between my open and closed eye visuals i completely lost my ego, i could have killed someone and had absolutely no feeling towards it terrified, i ran into the bathrooms and turned on the light-bad idea-i didn't recognize the strange face in the mirror. the eyes were different, everything was different, i started panicking and layed in my bed desperately trying to contact someone at about 2 in th morning. i called this kid i know is always up and has had bad shroom trips b4 and he talked me down nicely. i was extremely thankful.

after i calmed down, about 7 hours of tripping i watched a funny movie to settle my mind so i could sleep. it was the most intense and perspectively strange trip i ever had. mushrooms are an extremely powerful drug.

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