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First time

My first trip.

My first trip.

I was pretty nervous about it and we had about 3 grams each (me and my bf).

BUT since it was my first time and all we just decieded we only were gonna do 2grams each.

So We broke the shrooms up. Boiled some water and made raseberry tea and put the broken up shrooms in the tea and let it sit for a few. Then we poured some cranberry juice in there as well.

We drank it at about 8PM. I didn't actually finish mine off completely I still had about 1/3 left in my cup.

About 30 mintues later it started it kick in.
Felt a little sick but it passed.
Was feeling very high, like a strong weed high.
My body was feeling very light and it was like walking on air.

Then about 10 mins after that the shit was starting hit me harder.

And at that time our gravid female jackson chameleon gave birth to her babies.

So bascially me and my boyfriend are trippin and have to rescue the newborn baby chameleons out of the mothers cage ASAP and into another cage for them.

There was about 20 babies, 1 didn't make it but we rescused them all as quickly as possible. Some were still stuck in the mucus and we had to help them break out.


Then we decieded we would watch fear and loathing and then at that point were in all laughing/giggly mode.
Couldn't really stay focused on the movie for longer then a few minutes.
My boyfriend could not stop laughing for no apparent reason.
I have never seen him laugh so much in my life.
So of course that made me laugh as well.

My boyfriend then started sticking his tongue out and I was tripping pretty hard on that because it seemed as if his tongue was 1 foot long and it was swinging back and forth.
I couldn't stop laughing over that one. It was crazy.

Laying back on the bed looking straight up at the celing and I notice all these clay like faces. It was weird.

Then after that I ended up getting in a little bad trip.
My boyfriend was going on how he could see everyones imperfections so vividly and that istantly got me in a bad trip for a moment for some reason i thought he was picking on me but in reality he wasn't i was just thinking bad thoughts.
BUT i snapped out of that and smoked a little and was mellow after that.

Everytime I stepped outside to have a cigg I could just hear everything like it was a amplified speaker.
Peoples change rattling in their pockets, voices, cars driving by.

Also felt very hyper.
I felt like I had so much to do but nothing to do.

After all that it only lasted about 4 hours since we didn't do to much. But those shrooms are potent for sure.

So for my overall first trip it wasn't so bad.
I probely only reached a level 2 at it's peak.

I will try them again for sure since I still haven't even consumed them all here.

It was weird but intresting for sure :)

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