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medieval random trip

me nd a m8 went 2 camden nd bought 2 cups of mexican shrooms.

me nd a m8 went 2 camden nd bought 2 cups of mexican shrooms, we took the train bak 2 his area and took a few on the bus thn got off nd walked 2 our usuall munching place on this field, we each munched the whole cup nd as soon as i stood up 2 take a piss it suddenly begun kiking in, we walked nd walked until we got 2 a large open field this waz the 3rd time i had done shrooms nd the 2nd time my otha m8 had taken em but we neva done this much b4 we lay down on the floor talking bout wht we are seeing i cud see everything changing colour rapidly the sky wud at 1 moment b bright blue then suddenly purple, i suddenly needed a piss so we stood up and my m8 said tht he waz going 2 go take a piss ova the other side of the field nd strangely me believed him so i saw him run off, nd at the thought of being left on my own i stuidly followed, he ran round the corner of a bush and as soon as i ran round the corner he had disapeard, i started freaking out because i had no idea were he waz and i waz surrounded by identical bushes lost not knowing what way i came in, but thn suddenly i looked at the floor and strangely there waz a weird invisible path which me followed which led me bak 2 my m8 and as soon as he sees me he shouts 'were the fuk u go?' and he explains that he did nt go 2 take a piss nd tht i had just completely randomly ran off in2 the distance, this completely freaked me out, we decided 2 move on since we got restless and needed 2 go sumwere, i noticed the path waz purple and tht the grass waz a very bright flourecent green i laughed at this.
we moved on then sat down on a bench because of us being unable 2 move any longer he sat talking 2 me and his voice seemed 2 echo every now and again. i waz still a bit freaked out at what had happened earlier so 4 sum reason i got rly depressed nd . we went in2 this cafe place i waited outside on a bench cuz i had a bad expierience on shrooms in a shop b4, i sat down on the bench nd i felt as if i waz huuggee nd the bench waz tiny barely big enough 4 me 2 fit on, my m8 came out from the shop laughing at the fact tht he cudnt understand wht the shop people were saying he came up and sat on the bench with me with his minnie cheddars, we were getting many weird looks, suddenly giant pigeons wud randomly appear thn disapear and we laughed 4 a long tiem at the fact tht they were huge. we walked in2 this area which had rly weird bent looking trees and we stood staring in amazment at these, i looked at my m8 and pointed out tht everything had gone completely wavy and distorted and we stood experimentind with different movements. we heard talking and laughing from all around and at tht moment we thought we were on a stage nd we had an audience so we started messing around trying 2 make the (if there was any) people laugh, i walked on following my m8 and he got in between 2 trees and used 2 branches as arms and was saying things like come 2 the golf course go inside i just stood laughing my head off and thn got bored so i walked begind the tree and i looked at the tree nd he wasnt there any more and he runs up behind me and says were did u go man u keep walking off, so it turned out that i had another hallucination and the person in the tree wasnt real, this time i laughed at this, and from then on i kept poking my m8 2 see if he waz real. we walked on and on untill at 1 point my m8 finds a stick tht seemed 2 lie there waiting 4 him, so he piked it up and said omg were completely gone back in time, cuz this might of been 4 the fact tht we had passed a windmill and seen no technology 4 what seemed like yrs, and he thought he waz a knight and i kept on thinking tht i waz either an archer or a scribe, wen i waz a scribe i didnt talk at all i didnt actually talk 4 a whole hour just kept following my m8 around cuz he waz a knight and he waz higher rank i guess was weird, we kept on running from people we called the red guard who actually turned out 2 b people playing golf in red shirts, and from then on people were seperated in2 colour categories, we had people wearing green, people wearing red and people wearing blue, i had nea had so much fun in so long and i am 13!.
anyway we carried on walking and he waz on a constant quest 2 find a place called the queens but which he failed cuz there is no such place and when he failed he suddenly stopped being a knight and i stopped being a scribe so i suddenly went bak 2 my normal chatty self. we eventually came past the windmill museum which we found amazing we went around as if we were little kids going woooow at everything until we got in2 a little high room which waz the most amazing relaxing place eva we sat there on the floor 4 ages laughing at all the shut eye colours, we wud look at eachother then shut our eyes and we wud see a portrait of eachother which wud b made of swirling colours, we eventually left our windmill museum nd went 2 the cafe again which i went in this time cuz we were on the come down by now, we both bought poinless amounts of food, muffins, icecream, buiscuits, crisps, and thn more and more food, which most of we didnt eat, we kept going in and buying food cuz it waz so funni that the shop keepers were like ???????? cuz we kept laughing at nuthing and ghetting our lines mixed up and now get recognised weneva we go in. the trip eventually comepletely finished after we got bak 2 my house by bus, the bus was also fun, waz the most amazing trip ive eva had

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