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Meaning of Life

The first time I tripped my friend, who had tripped many times before, took me and two of my friends to get shrooms.

The first time I tripped my friend, who had tripped many times before, took me and two of my friends to get shrooms.We bought a half-ounce and we each ate an eight.The shrooms had a lot of blue in them and the bottom of the stems were almost completely blue.It took about 1 hour for them to kick in.My friend who had done them before started to get mad after about half-an-hour, which he said was how long it should take to start tripping.I, wasn't mad, though, because i had never tripped before so i didn't have a clue what to expect.Anway, we were outside of my friends house drinking beer when he just knocked the beer out of my hand and it hit the ground and shattered.At that point I knew I was tripping, the bottle seemed to fall in slow motion, and as I looked around I realized how beautiful nature was.We went inside and jammed for a while on the guitar, then watched some TV, at this point I started my first real "peak" and the walls seemed to be fluctuating (oh yeah his house is a log cabin) so the logs seemed like they were moving back and forth and everything seemed farther away or longer than it should be.Also, when i tried to tell my friends something i could only get out three or four words of what I actually meant to say.I, saw shit on TV that I know could never been shown on basic cable channels, like a fat indian woman being screwed by an old indian man, i don't know if that actually was shown on TV or not, but I saw it.I don't really remember too much about the night, besides the fact that everytime i looked at the clock, only 1 or 2 minutes had passed when it felt like it had been an hour. The trip lasted for about 6 hours, and I was tripping hard for about 4 1/2 of those hours. At the end of the night I thought I would never stop tripping, so I layed down and tried to stop myself from tripping by telling myself it was all a figment of my mind, at this point, for no apparent reason, I thought to myself that the meaning of life was to make money so you can be happy or to do drugs to be happy, and i went into the other room and one of my other friends was sitting there crying for no reason, my friend who had done them before said that he had never tripped that hard in his life.I wouldn't say it was a level 5, though, because at one point we were going to get in the truck and get cigarettes, but I remember thinking that it wouldn't be a good idea because we could get arrested, I got in the truck anyway, and we all sat in the truck for a couple of minutes and then got out, but we never went anywhere.I definately want to do it again, but shrooms are so hard to get around here.

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