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me and my mushroom brothers

To me there are 4 stages to a psilocyde trip.

To me there are 4 stages to a psilocyde trip. 1) after about 30-45 minutes of ingestion you get you gitty stage. where everything is funny and all you want to do is talk to everyone. i like to call this stage the intro to euphoria. 2) the exploriatory stage where you feel as if you are connected to your surroundings and you must explore, touch, see, and experiance nature. 3) is a no brainer. your trip ofcourse. you see shapes, shades of color, hear sounds, (last week i had an awesome time staring at the clouds as they form into laughing children's faces and settled on my head. i could accually feel there breath. 4) your end to a great night. you have total confusion yet sheer clarity. you relise more about yourself and others. you remenise on your experiance and linger with the tingle still in your blood.

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