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Mazatapec Magic

Specifics: 4 grams freshly dried Mazatapecs (powder capsules) Preface: Going into this trip I had tried cubensis three times prior in my life all with the result of never tripping.

Specifics: 4 grams freshly dried Mazatapecs (powder capsules) Preface: Going into this trip I had tried cubensis three times prior in my life all with the result of never tripping...I was ready to give up on them but decided to try and grow my own to ensure quality/freshness/safety/etc. And what I was given back in return was the MOST AMAZING PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have FINALLY found my trip....this is going to be a beautiful hobby. Overall Experience summary: MUCH cleaner than lsd and by far more enjoyable! It's such a clean trip: everything that's good about acid without any of the things bad about acid; and I can now understand the difference between the two and I CANNOT lie...shrooms are WAY better than lsd!! Trip: So me and five of my closer tripping friends all gathered to feast at the feet of the Goa Gods. We all took 4g dried (except for a smaller girl who only took 3g) at 7:30pm and by 8:00pm we were all blowing up. My trip began VERY physical...an AMAZINGLY pure body buzz the intensity of a ten-strip of acid but with NONE of the anxiety or edginess...almost a clear dream-state of pure consciousness. My trip immediately began to become visuals. The first visual I had was looking my friend's face and she had six eyes. This is where it gets good. So about 20 minutes into the blowing up...I start to get nautious...but I was able to ride it out without having to hurl. It just came and went, came and went, came and went. Made it a pest to have to keep calming the mind to realize I'm just digesting the Maz's. It was definitely more a mental fear of getting sick making it feel worse than it was...cause after only 30 minutes they were "defeated" and my trip REALLY took off. By now I'm having AMAZING open eye visuals....imagine a layer grid over reality (like the background on your desktop with a grid over it) filled with nothing but "Aztec/Inca"-style abstract creatures in patterns of 4 and 6 are appearing in undulating/pulsing batches of colored light that's more digital than real....all the while layered over everything in the perception....on people's faces....on the walls, ceiling, etc. The body buzz was simply BEYOND belief. During the blow up I was a bit "clammy" and warm feeling but as soon as the trip took hold...I felt absolutely amazing. Then we smoked some dank....and this is where I left Level 3 Experience to enter the heart of Level 4 in the temple of my living room...totally quiet/isolated contemplating my UV reactive wall hanging of a Barong (Balinese demon spirit)....and it happened....LEVEL 4 (aka Boppity's happy place) As I'm lying utterly still and breathing a natural pace...I lose complete contact with my body and the ability to feel my body...but could still move, stand, walk, etc...but I had no motivation to move...it's was an AMAZINGLY calm abiding...where i've been trying to get with my meditations for the last 2 years. I was in SUCH peace I felt like crying tears of reverent awe. Then, the wall began to expand...into almost a fogged perception and the wall became as big as the known universe and the wall hanging in front of it/hanging from it...remained the central focus of my detachment. I slid RIGHT into ego loss "on my terms"...sometimes lsd would not allow you the choice when to detach and I liked this trip WAY better on this subject/topic. Time came to a standstill...I was at utter peace with the reality around me no matter how weird it became or how empty it was. The best part of the overall experience is that the shrooms come and go like when you're rolling...a great cycle which lasted me 5.5 hours of full-on trip and another 3 hours of an amazingly clean and pure come-down. I could have danced all night!! I had some trouble falling asleep but when I did I woke up feeling $100!!! AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! I never lost control even when I was no longer "there" as myself...and the laughing/cheerfulness/sheer happiness was SOOOOOOO beautiful...I can see how people say Mazatapecs are "spiritual"....it's such a "reverence before Nature" space and is amazingly fun to "let go" in and have fun. I never even closed my eyes for CEV's cause the OEV's were simply breathtaking! I got kinda sloppy with my walking around but I was laughing so hard at times it didn't even matter. We watched some psychedelic videos which were cool on shrooms and we kept smoking dank to keep enhancing the shroom. An overall 8.5 hour experience that FINALLY has shown me my favorite "mental space" is possible with shrooms....I've found my trip....and I'm so thankful for ALL the help I've received here from all my friends here at Shroomery. Next trip scheduled at end of August...4 grams again...it's a very comfortable, beyond 10-strip level consciousness with SO much more appealing experiences that acid just can't do. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May you all always be in Peace.

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