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martian demon

This trip happened in May 2001 as I was driving alone from Saskatchewan to British Columbia.

This trip happened in May 2001 as I was driving alone from Saskatchewan to British Columbia.
I was going to be driving all night so I popped a little speed to stay awake, then I dropped some shrooms.

As the night wore on, things began to take on symbolic meaning, but not of my own creativity. No, it seemed some sort of disembodied spirit was comunicating with me. The most prominant of these were pairs of semis. Always two semis would drive past me, and these represented two freinds of mine whom I had a fight with earlier in the day. Even the radio was speaking of this.

Then, somehow, my trip shot up in intensity. I became so hyper-aware of my self that I could feel every neuron in my head firing, I could feel metabolic processes in my cells. All my fears disapeared and I knew I could do anything.

As quickly as this state of hyper awareness came, it left. I then knew that it was a demon that entered my body and showed me momentarily how powerful I could be.

I told the demon that I didn't want him. Only will I allow God to show me myself.

Then the air started to get thin. I could hardly breath! I pulled over to the side of the road, and turned on the radio. The voice over the radio told me that George Bush Jr. was now on Mars. Him and the US military were transfering the Earth's apmosphere to Mars, and that many people will be transfered there soon. They were going to start a new civilization there, and leave the ones who didn't "know" on Earth to die.

I was gasping when the radio began to play music to die by. They were being as pleasant about it as they could, but I prayed to God and he told me that their plan would backfire. God would wait till these evil folks were on Mars, then he'd reverse the air flow, leaving them to die on Mars, and the ones they were going to leave behind would be the new civilization.

But I didn't think I could hang on much longer. I started to have a siezure of some sort. I was shaking on the outside but inside was all horrible, twisting, dying. It got to the point where I actually began to focus on the death, my spirit gave up and I wanted to die. The emotion involved was very child like. Total submission.

Somehow it passed, although I sat on the side of the road for quite awhile because I could not move my arms. I was totally alone on the highway. Not one car or truck went by this whole time, cuz they were all on Mars.

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