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Making up the world.

Hi everyone.

Hi everyone. this is gonna be a little long, but i think you'll find it well worth the read...

background: this was my 5th time doing mushrooms. overall i've had very positive experiences, pretty standard stuff as ive read about on this website. this time i was doing it with two friends R and A (all of us are male) and it was their first time.

setting: 6:30 p.m. at A's house, a comfortable environment for all of us. their were some other sober people there too.

dose: i took about 3.5 grams cubensis, each of my friends did about 3. oh, a quick note on ingestion: i am a big purveyor of the "smoothie" method of ingestion - we take half a can of minute maid fruit punch concentrate, chopped mushrooms, 3 or so ice cubes, and a splash of water. put it all in a blender and liquify. you end up with fruit punch drinks, cant even taste the fungus. leads to a VERY fast coming up period because the shrooms are already in TINY pieces...definitely a must try...

the event:
well, the first 2 hours was pretty normal stuff, the 3 of us just strolled around A's house and backyard enjoying the beautiful surroundings and explaining each others deep thoughts to one another. a few highlights from this period:
light clouds against the dark sky looked incredible, we laid on the grass watching them for a while. A's neighbors' houses looked very curved and warped, taking on new colors and what not. watched some interesting things on A's computer screen, just a lot of cool, normal stuff you do while tripping. after two hours, the weird stuff started to happen-

this next half hour is the most insane thing i've ever experienced, i didnt think it was possible even on shrooms.
ok, so me and R end up in A's room. the lights are very interesting, theres a black light on, the rooms pretty dim, lots of posters around, some green flourescent bulb is shing softly in a corner. R was really excited, being his first time and all, seeing all this cool shit in A's room. Me and R start telling each other the things we're seeing - "dude, look at that weird green color sliding on that wall", "man, see that warped poster wavering against that wall over there?". me and R become entangled in this scenario, the remarks about the room becoming more and more rapid and exaggerated.

eventually we become really hyped up about it. i mean we were literaly bouncing around the room, running into walls about what we were seeing. it was really intense because we were "feeling" all the things we were seeing, feeding on each other's energy, separated from the rest of the world, including our friend A. this scenario proceeds to escalate until i jump up and leave A's room to explore the rest of the house, to see if the same stuff was happening. it was. everywhere i looked there was curvy, greens, reds, blues everwhere, patterns on funriture was shifting around in circles and stuff. so i run back to A's room to grab R and show him the rest of the house. this is when we lost it.

after a couple of laps around the house, we wind up in the living room, all by ourselves. we are COMPLETELY hyped up, basically screaming shit to each other about what the house looked like. i started to notice a phenemonon that i hadnt experinced before. when one of said something to the other about something fantastical in the room, the other person would actually start seeing it too. talk about intense.
i also realized that when we closed our eyes, the entire room was still there, like there was almost no difference between closed and open. i'm not sure what happened next, but eventually i realize that the stuff we're desribing to each other isnt stuff like "look at that curved color pattern on the sofa", its more like "check out the dinosaur skin that is creeping across the floor and wall" and "holy shit, there's a snake coming out of that light fixture and trying to crawl under the ceiling". i stand up and realize that we have completely lost touch with reality.

i start walking around the house, and everything got WAY messed up. whatever bizarre thought entered my head, i began to see it in the room. this is way beyond "messed colors" and stuff, i was literally MAKING UP THE WORLD AROUND ME. if i wanted to see fire consume the t.v., then so be it, and it happened. if i wanted to see my arm strech an extra 2 feet and become meshed into a closet door long ways, i saw it. if i wanted to see a light switch become spherical, come off the wall and fall onto the floor, i saw it. at this point other stuff began to go haywire. my senses got ALL messed up, i started seeing sounds as distortions in my visual field, and i could feel sounds too. i touched my hand into some water, and instantly i was covered with water and felt wet, even in my shoes. i turned around and saw a girl sitting on a bed. i looked at her for a minute, and she became obese, her body widening to meet the width of the bed. then her legs became stretched out like taffy, and her head began to split down the middle and seperate like clay. i spun around in a frenzy only to see R's face turn to that of distorted cartoon, his eyes stretching down his cheeks, his chin pulled out to one side, his forhead becoming squashed and widened. talk about fucked. this was a little too much, i just dont think i was prepared for it. i started having visions of myself flying out a window, crashing through it, soaring into the street outside, slamming into an oncoming car's windshield and dying and this would end... i had a vision of myself projectile vomiting gravity-defying red gunk onto an adjacent wall and splattering everyone... i had visions of my finger being bent backwards, so that the bone would pop out of my skin, streaming blood everwhere... i even seriously considered getting on the floor and biting a glass coffee table with all my might, shattering all my teeth. i walked back into A's room to find R slumped over a miniature fridge, mouth open and on the wall of the fridge, screaming nonsensical garbage about fire and water and beings or something, i dont even know...

the world i had entered was one of no rational order. my sober friend had to take me out of the house and away from everything, and i finally came down a little bit, i could finally understand someone's conversation and understand that the world was ok again, and that i had just taken some mushrooms...

i guess thats about it.

what i cant figure out is why my dosage (3.5 grams being less than i took last time, not having near the same effects). the only thing ive been able to conclude is that me and R worked ourselves into a frenzy of some type, dosage aside, we made the drug more than what it was. only now do i realize the effects that your state of mind can have on a trip. what i experienced last night was incredible, never before did i believe you could get so messed up that you could actually make up the world around you with your imagination, not only visually, but audio as well. that is seriouisly messed up.

i'd really like to hear about some of you other guys's opinions about this. maybe even someone can try to recreate this. i plan to conduct further research sometime in the future, after i give my brain a rest.

send comments to miles436@hotmail.com

peace out, trip out, have fun, and be safe.

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