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Magic Kingdom on Magic Mushrooms

It all started when me and my friend Mollie decided to spice up our high school band trip to Disney World by sharing 4 grams of mushrooms.

It all started when me and my friend Mollie decided to spice up our high school band trip to Disney World by sharing 4 grams of mushrooms. We stuffed them in our backpacks, got through security and waited patiently. Eventually we ate them in the bathroom stalls with some Hersheys chocolate bars to help the taste a bit. I ended up with about 2.5 of the 4 grams.

I remember vividly staring at myself in the large mirror while she was washing her hands. I was staring at my eyes and literally saw my pupil enlarge and all of a sudden the walls and tiles began to morph. As I walked down to meet her at the faucet the bathroom was changing so rapidly, I knew I was ready to venture on to the rides.

As we were making our way down to Alien Encounter I noticed my band teacher approaching us. He was wearing these enormous aviator sunglasses and I remember those glasses and his face morphing into what looked like a huge mosquito. I dont know how I managed to maintain that conversation but we were soon off.

I remember bits and pieces of the trip...going down Space Mountain, the blue and red lights were so intense and my face was a huge grin of amazement the whole time. This part of the trip was sensational, the rides were phenomenal.

Dark parts of the trip I vaguely remember were getting seperated from Mollie in a store for what was probably half a minute. I became frantic thinking I had lost her for good, nearly yelling her name throughout the shop. When we found each other, I held her so tight and nearly burst into tears. I also remember feeling very clausterphobic on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride line, and eventually I couldnt take the dungeon feel and made her leave.

For the rest of the day, we went on nearly every ride..The month was December and as the sun went down, the temperature dropped to a freezing level. For some reason we thought it would be fun to go on Splash Mountain. The only ones on our boat, I had quite the difficult time getting into my seat, nearly stepping into the water instead. After getting soaked, the wind was so frigid and we just wanted heat.

After the peak, I found myself in the darkest place I've ever been.

After the 8 hour long trip I wanted nothing more to wake up from where I was, and I just wanted to pass the time of coming down. We decided to stay in a store until it was time to go, but I remember walking around this store over and over again, amazed as I would see the same picture over and over again in my head. After about 20 times of reinacting the same scenario, seeing the same products in the same places was mind boggling and I felt like I would have to be placed in a mental institution because I thought I would never return to normalcy. At that point, I swore to myself I would not dabble or experiement with drugs of any kind again. Minutes seemed like hours in the freezing air and I still wasn't out of the trip. Eventually, I did come down and I slowly started to remeber details of the day.

Its been almost two years since this trip...and I find myself curious to experience mushrooms once again.

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