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Madness... Music... Mushrooms...

At 3 o clock on friday i consumed 5 grams of very potent mushrooms.

At 3 o clock on friday i consumed 5 grams of very potent mushrooms. I had tripped many times before on shrooms and on acid, but this trip was oddly overpowering, even for an experienced tripper like me. I had not eaten shrooms for over a year, so maybe i had sort of forgotten the feeling. Really i was expecting something more along the lines of an acid trip, but i soon came to find i was wrong. Acid is more in your head, in some ways its easier to handle. The visuals on acid sort of come out at you more and seem sort of more real, yet on acid i can find myself saying... "its just the drug." This was not the case on this trip, i ate those shrooms and was just hanging on for the ride.

I ate the shrooms with my 2 good friends Brady and David. We each ate about the same amount, and we all defenitly tripped just as hard as one another. We ate the shrooms and then drove in the car to Seashore State Park. Its a national park near my house and it is absolutly beautiful. Its in virginia beach (where I have lived my whole life) and it is thick with trees, beautiful lakes scattered about, and plenty of trails to get lost on. The place has tons of native american history and it gives of this sort of holy like indian vibe. We walked along a path till we found a nice place to sit by a little secluded lake. I sat for a while, enjoying the strange feeling i get when i come up on mushrooms. It feels like i have all this energy inside my mouth, like my mouth is filled with sunshine or something, and when i open it the sunshine all comes out. Id say we all sat there for about 30 min, we packed a few bowls of some really nice ghani bud and decided to contiue on our hike. The hike was beautiful, the trees were changing colors and some of them were leaning down as if they wanted to touch me. At one point i saw a frog and looked next to it and saw another frog. I then looked down at the ground and saw about 10 frogs, i still to this day am not sure if those frogs were real.

My freinds and i also got into some pretty interesting conversations. I feel like such a philosopher on mushrooms, like everything that i hear or say has some sort of deeper hidden meaning to or can be looked at on another level. We talked about how much music sucks today, now im not saying that all music sucks, but it sucks that for the rest of my life im going to be associated with the rap/hiphop/pop generation. We talked about how fucked up the world is, how fucked up the whole western way of thinking is. It dawned on me that it is just about time for my generation to start taking over and we are not doing a damn thing about it. Our parents and aunts and uncles knew what was up, when they were my age they actually stood for something. Their generation changed the world as we know it today. Its depressing to me to think of all the potential our generation can have, but all we do is bitch and complain about how things are in our country. Ok sorry about that, got a little carried away there, but this is something that i feel strongly about.

But anyways about 3 or 4 hours into my trip things started to get really crazy. I started being able to let my sould exit my body, and i stared seeing other people out of the corner of my eyes. I thought i was hearing waterfalls and people screaming off in the distance. My freinds and i all felt the presence of another someone or something else with us. People seemed to just appear from behind trees and come out of nowhere. The whole earth was alive with color and it was all breathing in and out. Sometimes my vision would distort, the best way of describing what im talking about is like looking into a dented mirror, where everything in the dent is curved and distorted. Everything i looked at was a hallucination, it was at this point where i started to get overwhelmed.

Lucky for us Bradys house was very close and his parents were gone for the day, so as i was just coming down of my peak we decided to walk back to bradys house. The walk was very interesting. The area i had lived in my whole life looked completely alein to me. We reached his house after about a 10 min walk and proceeded to drink 2 glasses of orange juice and then we got into the best part of the whole trip

I absolutly love playing drums, brady is the most amazing guitar player ive ever heard and david can lay down the funky bass line. Brady has a music studio inside his house, so in other words we were completly stoaked. We jammed for about 2 hours straight. It was honestly the best i have ever played in my whole life, the music was not coming from me, it was coming through me. I had my eyes closed for just about the whole time, seeing the most amazing closed eye visuals ive ever seen. I could try to explain them, but i cant really put what i was seeing into words. When i opened my eyes it was also great. My friends faces were pricesless. Bradys eyes were closed the whole time too, he was getting so into playing his guitar. We played mostly jazzy, mellow, smooth music. Brady was putting his whole body into his playing. His facial expressions would change with the notes. David also had his eyes closed and groovin out hard to his bass lines. The music was absolutly beautiful, so smooth and crisp. Every note drifted perfectly onto the next one. If we would have recorded that session we could have sold that CD for millions, no joke.

But anyways thats about all i really have to say about this trip. But i do want to leave you with the qoutes i wrote down on a peice of paper that day.

"Where ever you go, there you are"

"Without the exisitance of man, Where would gorilla's be"

"The eyes of a normal man are not nurtured like the eyes of a poet"

"Every once in a while you'll get shown the light, in the strangest of places, if you look at it right"

"Enter the mind of sherlock holmes, he smoked crack"

happy fall everyone

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