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m420's B+ trip

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Ok this was kinda stupid of my and my friend to do last night, we took 6 fresh shrooms and said damn only lev1 1 hour later we both decided to eat the rest of my flush that was being dried out on my heater( a little too hot lowered potencey) and down the hatch with 2 slices of pizza went a total of 15 shrooms each on the pizza added together to the amount we had before plus 6 more dried ones we ate without pizza thats 27 shrooms each then it hit me i had some awsome as hell body rushes and then my walls started to breath very obviosly i lit a candle , incsent, and a candle the candle was incredible i saw indescribable images inside the flame then i went downstairs and picked up my cat casey and remebered things from when we first got him but then he wanted to leave my room for food i gues he wasnt done eating then my friend just stared non stop at my fan at the blades melting into him and the white ball and chain that turned the fan on and off turned completly red then i looked outside of my window it was awsome patterns all over the sky and the trees (it just snowed a couple hours earlier) seemed to be talking to me but my friend was there next to me looking out of the window i didnt start talking to the trees after this i went downstairs to get some Brita water and chugged down around 3 cups of that and my friend who hasnt had a cigarrete in a while now and im getting a pack tommorrow (today now) he kept on saying i want a cigarrete and started searching my room for a but to smoke (so sad) then i turned back on the greatful dead dead set and closed my eyes the things i saw then have no words to explain them and i felt at that time like i was completly with peace with the world while my friend was just having fun with looking at the melting shit well now its been around 4 hours and all together 6 tripping and now it was beginning to wear down alot and it went down to a little bit of breathing walls and some tripple incsent sticks (only one though) and it slowly went down and after 2 more hours there was nothing left but a happy feeling this was definitly the best trip ive had so far in my life I DONT RECOMMEND EATING A WHOLE FLUSH FROM A CASING ON YOUR TRIP even i put 15 small ass shroom into honey for a month or so later and if i hadnt tried using my heater to dry them im sure this would have been lev5

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