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It was hazy day when no one was around.

It was hazy day when no one was around. I had nothing to do really so i just sat around and watched reruns of Three's Company. I just remembered my friend saying something about having large quantities of mushrooms so i called him up and asked him if he wanted to come over. When he came he brought about 2 hits of acid and about half an ounce of mushrooms. I consumed about a 1/4 of mushrooms (moderatly potent) and an hit of acid. heres where the fun began.....I I turned the tube to 62 (Cartoon Network). As i watched Birdman i realized that TV had a angry look on its face. He starred at me with a vicious evil eye. He got up grabbed his antenna and stuck it in my belly. I was laying on my couch for another hot minute. I got up walked outside and layed down on the pavement. I looked up at the sky and saw God and Jesus talking to each other about the ways of life. I then put on my sunglasses and saw the devil talkin to O.J. Simpson about Nicole Browns hot ass.

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