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loved the first trip

last nite i tripped face for the first time and i loved it.

last nite i tripped face for the first time and i loved it. a tight circle of eight close friends of mine all bought and o and split it. we were all but one person were high from smokin pot all nite while waiting for the perfect moment to shroom...but that did not matter. we ate our shrooms on pop tarts, tostitos and bread...everyone just kept tryin to see what was better. i like it on the cinnamon poptarts. i ate an eighth and went outside with friend r for a cigarette while waiting for the shrooms to set in. i didn't know what to expect but my friend r did so we sat talking and i started to feel tingly and thought it was from the cold (there was amazing snow outside. a lot of it.) but when i went back inside i fel tingly once again. i went into the basement and it felt so strange to walk down steps...then i saw the mirror. i flipped out when i looked at myself because everything looked so different. my hair had gotten so long in it and felt like silk when i touched it. i sat in a chair and i felt like i was floating above everyone else. the music sounded so strange to me, like i heard each instrument in the song on it's own. my friend k's brown hair turned bright red...she told me mine was blue. than i went back outside and i started to see a grid over eveything things that was bright purple and green. there is a birght red couch on my friend's house that were at's porch and i look at my friend a looked like she was meting into it and as she did it turned black. cigarettes were cubes to me and i needed them like air. i smoked almost my whole pack of newports. my friend r and i were talking than i could see his skeleton...than he became a skeleton. i got a sour apple lollipop but it turned from green to purple so i didn't want it anymore. the snow told me i could dance with it one everyone left us. mu friend thought he was god and we all believed he had the answers to everything and spoke to him like he was really god. i saw swirls all over the floor. i played in the snow plater on and it was so liberating. being outside was freedom. cellphones became leashes. i don't remeber it all, and what i do is just so hard to explain. but time was something that did not exist. i could do anything i wanted. it felt like utopia.

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