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So me and my buddy were trippin on shrooms one night in my basement.

So me and my buddy were trippin on shrooms one night in my basement. We had gotten them from some kid we go to school with and were wicked excited to take them. We had done them before and couldn't wait to do them again. Well that was up until tonite....... Me adn my buddy took them at like 8 oclock and after an hour we got pissed cuz we weren't feeling anything. So we got in my car and started to drive to the kids house who sold them to us.......when we were drivign and smoking a blunt, BAM !!! we were driving and it hits me, and then a few minuts later it hits my buddy. We had to turn around. I mean for some reason I could NOT drive The road started to get all curvy and it looked to me like the road was beating like a heart. I mean by the time I got home I was dying, the road was creepin the hell out of me. And the trees on either side of the road looked liek they werel eaning towards my car liek they were gonna attack. SO we go down in my basement to just chill out and smoke a bowl when my buddy says he has to piss. SO im like ok go ahead......................like 20 minutes later he still hasn't come back so im gettign kind of paranoid. I really didn't like trippin alone. I mean we had the lights off cuz we were watchin a movie and whne he left it seemed as though aliens or soemthign were comin out off the closets and doorways. I started to hear voices and ahve flashbacks Now mind you Im still trippin my sack off so I dont really feel liek goin upstairs but I do to find my friend. When I stood up it was like I was melting. My body felt like it was being sucked to the floor by gravity or something. Anyways, I managed to get up the stairs from my basement and hes not on the first floor so I figured he was still in the bathroom. SO i grab soemthing to eat and im sitting in my living room on the first floor just giggling to myself when I hear CRYING...........I struggle to get up cuz Im feelign really good adn everything around me is liek moving with my movement. And when i look quick at things they begin to shift. So I start to go up my stairs and on the middle landing of my stairs, cuz my stairs kind of take a turn I see my buddy huddled in a corner crying to his gf on the phone. He looks at me and says he doestn know where to go and that there are walls all around him and hes LOST. He said he can't go downstairs either cuz the mirror said someone will GET him...........Now my buddy is a hockey and lacrosse player and I've never seen him cry in his life. After that episode I don't think HE'LL ever take shrooms again. but ME................I'll just keep on shroomin.

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