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Lost In The Woods

So, my friend and I (we'll call him L) stumbled upon some cubes on friday evening.

So, my friend and I (we'll call him L) stumbled upon some cubes on friday evening. Everything seemed normal, like every friday and we were planning on going camping for a night, out of town with a group of friends. So we drive for over an hour and a half to get to where we were going, unload our camping gear and head off in the woods with 2 cases of beer, a bottle of jack, and a bag of shrooms (that no one knew him and I had until later).

On the way back into the woods, it's around a 25 minute hike, we slowed down and walked behind everyone eating our shrooms. When we got there, we must have each had around 3 grams of them in us. So we started to build a fire and collect wood. After the first flame began and we had a small pile of wood, probably 15 minutes after eating the mushrooms we sat down and fired up a doobie with my friends C, K (my sister), K2, KS, and H.. (heh, only remember K and H).

Anyway, half way through smoking the joint I started to feel pretty good, was laughing a lot, more than everyone but L. After we smoked the joint, L and I snuck off "to get firewood" again, and we each ate about another gram and a half of dried caps.

When we got back, about 20 minutes later, (we got lost...) everyone seemed to be staring at us, but I couldn't stop staring at H, as his face seemed mutated in a way that I can't describe. Anyway, they were all drinking, so L and I opted for a few beers. We each had about 2... atleast that we can remember.

In the next hour all I remember is laughing a lot, playing in the fire with a stringer I found on the ground next to the creek, and putting around 4 beer cans on the stringer to play hackey sack with.

Eventually I saw two bright lights and figured I was just hallucinating so I decided just to watch. Suddenly there was a middle aged man standing in front of me dismounting from some kind of animal (it was a four wheeler I guess), and yelling at people. For some reason I thought this was hillarious and sat down by a tree laughing. No sooner did I sit down then a feeling of fear washed over me and I shut up, stood up kind of wearily, and sat down on the huge cooler we were all using for a bench and I just stared as the lights danced off the trees. I didn't catch anything more than "don't throw" from what the guy was saying. After this I watched as the lights began to fade, and finally realized that the beast and rider were heading off back down the trail we came on. I was disappointed to see the light leaving.

L and I ate another cap or so each at this point.

After this, I remember I was sitting in front of where the fire was, and snakes were crawling on my neck.. or I thought, but was told it was rain. Suddenly L, H, and I were the only ones standing in the darkness, further than a mile in the woods! H was just drunk and was panicing, and I kept telling him to calm down that I can't handle this right now, as my mind was racing like hell from the shrooms. L began to weep, but I said something and he snapped out of the deep thoughts of horror and started snickering.

H pulled me back in the woods some, he has been telling me that I fell off the bank and was head first in the creek and that's why he did it, but I think I was standing up next to where the fire was. Anyway, H began pulling me through the woods and L was tugging on my hoodie to keep up.

Now, picture this. A fat kid (H), two scrawny ass kids (L and I) and somehow K showed up and was with us. We are walking through anywhere from ankle deep to nearly chest deep swamp lands, K and H are past obliterated from the alcohol and weed, and L and I are tripping balls, and probably a little messed up from the small amount of alcohol and probably 3 joints.

We continue this for hours, walking. L keeps turning his cell phone on for light and I keep getting lost in it's green glow. Him and I keep going the wrong way, and one time we actually sat down in mud that sunk up over our laps to play snake on his cell phone. But I couldn't concentrate long enough to do it, I was mezmerized by the bright green glow in the pure black of the night. He somehow said he got 30 points the one time.. bs if you ask me.

Anyhow, somehow we both maintained good spirits as we both kept joking whenever we could concentrate long enough to realize we were both there and existed.

Trying to put this whole experience into words is very difficult. H kept falling and being stabbed by sticks. One time he got stabbed in the eye, and L and I began laughing hysterically until we found out what he tripped on. It was a 3 foot drop off of a bank into a thick puddle of muddy water that had a broken tree fallen in it. We both went head first and L smacked his chest pretty good. I was lucky enough to just fall in and miss the tree, though my head went in the mud. L somehow wasn't even phased by this and just got back up. I was confused and just layed there, but thank god for H, he pulled me out again.

At this point, H grabbed my hoodie with one hand, L's with the other and K held onto the back of L's hoodie to guide herself as she was hurt pretty bad from her falls and disoriented badly from puking and being drunk.

About an hour and a half after realizing we were lost and walking, we found the road, and made it back to the cars. L wanted to drive, but I talked him out of it somehow. The next morning we looked like mud people, but drove home.

The entire time we thought we had been ditched by all of our friends and came to find out later that day that they had been in the tent not more than 10 feet from where the fire was. The part that really gets to me is that they said I was sitting by the fire for over an hour just staring at the hot coals and that they had been asking me why I wasn't getting in a tent... I have no recollection of this at all up until the point where H was pulling me around and said I had fell off the bank into the creek.

As I look back, there were a lot of very potentially deadly situations L and I had been in, but somehow we pulled through them basically unscathed, and had fun doing it. I would definately not recommend having drunken sitters if you are going to trip hard.

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