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Lost in the Wonders of time

All i can say is wow.

All i can say is wow.. last night was a wonderful and amazing trip.

It all Started 2 days ago, I found a friend with a ounce of some really potent shrooms, the stems where touched bruised such a dark blue.. i was shocked, it was soo much better lookin then any other batch of shrooms i have ever gotten. me and 4 other friends grabbed some cash and bought an 8th of an ounce for each one of us, and decided we would hold off till the next day(friday)

Friday took forever, then at 10:00 that night, i got off work, and headed over to my friends place with my shrooms in hand.. we all ate them at the same time and just chilled out and watched "Jackass:the movie" by the middle of the movie, his Lavalamp and room were going Crazy.. i felt like i was in the lavalamp, and i was one of the little green blobs floating around looking at the room. then my friends faces became warped, and pointy at the mouths.. it looked soo funny.. i couldent help but laugh. then we decide that we are tripping hard, and to toss on some Shpongle to listen to. it was the most screwed up stuff in the world and we were all tripping soo bad to it.. i went to another room and sat down, this is where ego-death kicked in. everything i thought i knew, became unreal, i forgot what i normally feel like and went swimming through ego's of my past.. i felt like i was 6 again, then i was assaulted by a barage of memories from all my past.. and switching my mindset to how i felt during those times in my memories. its so hard to explain. then i looked around.. nothing looked familiar, the house seemed naked, and it felt like this was my first time ever being here.. except i almost live here on weekends. i could still partially here my friends in the other room tripping to shpongle. My friend C(i am at his house) walks into the room with his guitar and starts playing music, and it collides with the Sphongle and changes my mood all together, as he plays different parts of this one song, my mindset changes... it felt like he was using mindcontrol on me and setting my mindset. he eventually changed me back to normal then he stopped playing guitar.. i told him how trippy that was and what the hell happened and he was like "yea man the same thing was happenin to me". we then went walkin in the cold to smoke some weed. my trip became soo much stronger, and i munched out soo hard.. i ate a bag of tostitos to myself, they never tasted so good as they did now, i went and grabbed a beer, i had a urge to quench my thirst, and craved a beer. then all the drugs in my combined and BAM. i was tripping so hard. everything was stretching out and growing to amazing proportions but i was too screwed up to care.. i just looked and thought about everything. i felt like it was summer again, and i was at my cousins, and that my aunt was gunna come downstairs and realize i was tripping and flip out on me. then i snap back to reality and go for another sit. little do i know, these past 24 hours, were really not 24 hours, but just 4. i feel so clean and new, like i have forever to change what i dont like, and live happily.

then my friends come back into the room and their skin stretches and tightens to their faces so they look so weird and out of proportion again. J, G, and B are all soo funny looking that i can barely understand what they are trying to say to me. They say we are leaving now and i try to stand but as i do, it feels like i leave my body.. and i can see all around me and even see myself.. moving and walking.. i feel like i am in the Jackass movie all the sudden, but i dont feel like being crazy tonight.. to messed up and i realize it just before we leave. The walk home was soo cold, i wanted to roll and swim in the snow, and i fall over and almost get left behind by my friends, which scares me so i run to catch up and try and make sure i dont fall anymore, or i know its lights out for me.

I make it home, and when i walk into my room.. i feel complete again, and start to eat a apple and some cheese.. i felt so wonderful, like the flavor of the apple was becoming me.. then more realizations come to me.. T.V., Music, Everything has such an affect on us. i decide i should probly try and get some sleep. because i am suppose to wake up in 2 hours and leave town for a trip to Edmonton the next day.

I wake up in 3 hours, still feeling the effects, and my parents come to wake me up and i dare not to open my eyes, and can barely speak. "You comin with us today" my father says.. i barely manage to get out "mmghph lemme sleep, i dont wanna go today" he replies with "hah, you hungover bastard.. alright see you tommorow son"

thats the end of my trip report.. i wish i could fully explain or even show everyone what i saw.. but it was amazing.. best mushroom trip i have ever had, but i still prefer LSD.. much smoother and more comfortable for me.


6'1, 180 pounds, 3.5 grams of some really potent shrooms. Suspected Cyan's

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