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First time

It was my first time doing shrooms and I ate about 1.

It was my first time doing shrooms and I ate about 1.7 grams on an empty stomach. I was at my cousins and him and my friend were already tripping and I ate mine waited a little, started feeling very different kinda fuzzy and stoned. We smoked a bowl and that just relaxed me even more. I had the feeling I was just zoning out terribly. Finally they hit me harder and I'm walking up stairs in a German army coat and am outside looking at the clouds smoking a cigarette. I've never thought so much in my entire life, lawns looked so nice to go run on and I was so conforted in a weird way. I felt content and peaceful and things sort of had a spiral effect to them. I then went into the bathroom with the lights off, this bathroom has purple and white striped walls, wow they are cool. The walls looked black and white and when I'd breath the walls would breath and sometimes change colors from green to yellow and then the black looked like cushioning coming out of the wall it was odd. I went outside one last time and that's when my cousin came out saying they were just done and went inside I can say I've never felt so lonely in my life I don't know why maybe cause everything was so great and then it just ended. So I sat up for a long ass time talking to myself for no apparent reason, sorting through my head then I passed out at sometime after standing in the pitch black staring at a TV remote. What a night

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