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Lost in my Mind

This is the story of my first trip.

This is the story of my first trip. I'll summarize what could turn into a long and boring beginning. I spontaneously decided to visit one of my best friends, as things in my kneck of the woods were making me emotionally raw and unstable. We went to a party, quite drunk, having split a bottle of vodka. By 1 AM or so I was sobering up, and we decided to shroom.

We split 1/8 of dried mushrooms. I'm not sure what kind. Within about 10 minutes I felt a mild body buzz. It was something that I'd felt before, while doing E, and had not liked. I felt hot, with points of pressure in my forearms and had slight trouble breathing. But the theme for this trip was acceptance. I was scared, until I accepted the trip, then all was good.

We went back to my friend's room, but had to be quiet since his roommate was asleep. we put on some light music, and in maybe 5 more minutes my trip really began. I started to have some cool visuals. His tapestry was breathing, and a poster of a skier started to swirl into component colors.

A pattern of leaves cast on the wall by light from outside turned into a fire, that looked as if it was hovering maybe a milimeter from the wall, but wasn't burning anything. My friend's face began to turn read, then as I looked closer I could see an ever more intricate fractal pattern on his face. At this point we were giggling too much and had to leave the room or else wake his roommate. We somehow made it to my car, where we planned to listen to CDs.

As we walked to the car, it began to look like a dragon, my friends head began to take on more and more characteristics of a bird. I got in, and the stearing wheel morphed into the vague shape of a bull and began to talk to me. At this point, I unfortunately lose alot of memories of the trip. I remember being totally lost in my head, I could barely move, and reality was very distant. At several points this began to freak me out, because I realized that I couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't. I calmed down as I realized that it didn't matter, I just had to accept and ride the wave.

Later I realized that people were real, and I had an anchor in my friend, if I needed to I could grab him and find reality again. Thus comforted I let my mind play. I remember at one point my water bottle turned into a well, that contained one of my best friends and he was talking to me. That was pretty cool. The only other visual I remember is a funny green man living in the glass of the car windows.

The really cool part was when I began to come down, me and my friend experienced what I can only call telepathy. Both our minds were going a mile a minute as I'd never experienced before, but no matter how off the wall or unexpected the thought, we could each finish the other's sentences. I felt able to communicate as I've never done before. As the trip came down, this began to fade, unfortunately, and the profound thoughts of the past 6 hours, that had seemed to reveal some great truths receded into my subconcious again.

My trip was at times scary, at times wonderful. In retrospect, to avoid freaking out, it was necessary to just relax and accept the trip, realizing that it would end sometime and in the meantime it was best to just enjoy. I would also say that it is extremely important to be able to live with your own thoughts. If you can't be comfortable being lost in your head with none of the filters that consciousness creates, then don't trip, it will not be fun. That said, I had a blast and look forward to more trips in the future.

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