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Lost in a House


Wow! I never would have thought what it was going to be like till i tried. I was sitting in my room eating my shrooms with some pizza. Then my friend bryan came over and we went to this girls house and called up some people to try to find some bud. this one dude was on his way so we to a cuple bong hits to kill some time and about 5 min. after i took my hit i was gone. Carlon was like... Are u tripin? and i couldn't even answer. once we got the bud i left and got in my friends car and he took me to his house because his parents were away. We went out side to smoke a cig and all i could think about was how hevy my hand was. I couldn't even left my hand up so i got Bryan to take my cig and i went inside to sit and trip. after about 10 min which seemed like 10 hours i could move my hands and i rolled a "J". WE went to my friends room and started to smoke we herd a car pool up and i looked out the window and i "thought " i saw a cop. So i ran and hid under some bed in his house and then i herd some people yelling but i was still to scared to go down stairs to see what the fuck was going on. I finaly got out from under the bed and started to make my way around the house to find bryan. for some reason i thought i was a G.I.Joe and started to sneek around the house like i was in a war. But i got to the steps and i forgot how to walk and i started to fall right down the steps and like 10 people ran over to me but to my suprise there was no cops or parents. Bryan looked down at me on the floor and started to yell because i was missing for like an hour and a 1/2. And from there we went to midnight bowling which was to crazy and every thing was glowing from the black lights and i went into the bathroom and eat somemore shrooms and went out side and smoked a "j"

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