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Losing Limbs


Massachusetts...Nantasket beach...glooming morning...9:00
I had just recently bought killer boomers at the Lemonwheel festival (Phish's 2 day drug fest up in Maine)...i brought back about a quarter for my brother and I to split...we put the in sandwiches and ate them on the drive down..then we smoked some KB's from the phish show...like a punch in the face the second my toes hit the sand I was obliterated...my brother went off his own and i had to take as seat because i just couldn't deal...i could sense the clouds breaking bringing upon the HOTTEST day of summer...the blue hues of everything..sky..skyline...water...reflections...my bother and I found each other again and we talked...we talked about life (you know how it is)...but everyone i saw besides my brother either was missing an arm or a leg or both...being non judgemental i didn't stare...but everyone was handicapped..it was pretty freaky but quite amusing...by the way tripping at the beach is one hell of a time

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