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Long Time No See

First off, this was my first time trying mushrooms.

First off, this was my first time trying mushrooms. They were homegrown by a friend of mine a couple months back. This happened in June of this year. I'm 22 and going to college and have never tried any psychadelic drug before.

It was a dark and rainy night when I felt I was ready to try the shrooms a friend had given me. I decided I would trip alone since it was my first time and I wanted to be in control of my surroundings. I made a playlist with over 2 hours of my favorite songs, made a couple turkey sandwiches for later when I got hungry and turned off all the lights except for the dim stove light in the kitchen.

I sat down at my computer and grabbed my bag of mushrooms from my stash box and pulled them out until I had 5 grams in the bag. I wasn't sure on how to ingest them so I just chewed them up for a few minutes trying to ignore the taste. I drank a glass of orange juice to mask the taste in my mouth and sat back down at my computer and proceeded to surf the net while waiting for the shrooms to kick in.

I checked the clock and it was a little after 8 and I had taken the shrooms at around 745 so I thought to myself I'd be ok if I went outside to watch the rain pouring down and the lightning streaking across the sky. As I sat in my chair watching the rain come down I noticed that the rain wasn't it's normal color. The drops of rain seemed to be light green in color. I knew then that I was starting my journey. The lightning in the sky became more vivid and each bolt of lightning seemed to have it's own personality. This was where I really started to have fun. One of my neighbors came outside to enjoy the rain and lightning storms too. He walked over to me sitting in my chair and asked how I liked the rain. I looked at him and told him it was great. As I watched him talk his mouth started twisting around like it was sucking itself into his face. His mouth seemed to suck his whole face into it but he was still talking like nothing was wrong. I told him I had to go inside and I walked back in and closed the door behind me. I closed the door as usual, but it sounded like it was slammed. I turned around and looked at the door and nothing was different about it excpt the wood. The swirls and patterns seemed to be making a face. I must have stared at the door for five minutes trying to figure out if I had somehow hurt the face in the door when I closed it. I apologized to the door and made my way to the computer and turned on my music. The first few songs were Pink Floyd tunes. I sat down at my computer to draw in Paint when the song "Poles Apart" came on. As I listened to the lyrics, I began to cry because they struck a cord with me. The song reminded me of my dad who had died 10 years ago form stomach cancer. I closed my eyes as I was crying and a feeling of extreme sadness came over me because I had not seen or talked to him since I was four years old.I could feel the tears run down my face when I saw a bunch of mist and clouds form. I still had my eyes close as this was happening mind you. I felt very peaceful and like a piece of me that was lost had been returned to me. As I watched the gray, blue and white clouds roll towards me I saw a shadowy figure appear. As the figure drew closer to me, I realized it was my dad. He came right up to me and I could feel waves and pulses of positive energy vibrating towards me, through me and all around me. He grabbed my hand and lead me into the clouds and mist and began to tell me how much he missed me and loved me. He apologized for being an alchaholic and not taking care of my brothers, sister and my mom. I told him I loved him and I missed him every single day I was alive. I also told him that I forgave him for what he did and he smiled and told me stories of when I was a baby up to when my mother and I left and his ways behind. He told me that he was waiting for the day he could see me again. His body had a light blue aura around it and his presence was very kind and loving, totally opposite of how he was when I knew him as a small child. He told me that I had nothing to worry about no matter what happened in my life. He made me realize something right then. I had been mad at him all those years for something that was out of his control and something I couldn't control. He told me many things that surprised me and shocked me. There were three things that he told me that I will always remember. He told me that the reason I had a tumor on my leg several years ago was so I wouldn't take my body and what it can do for granted. The second thing he told me scared me and put a fear I had never known into me. He told me that my life was drawing to a close and to be prepared for death. This made me extremely mad and upset. I explained to him that I had not done everything I wanted to in life and I was just now starting to live. He said I had become too involved in my life and was not paying attention to what was really going on. The third thing he told me was very unexpected, but made me feel very comfortable at the same time. He said that I had a special mission in life and many people were going to be depending on me. He said that there was another chosen one and I must find this person. He then showed me a map of the world pointed out many places that were in turmoil and said that there is one who knows the way to peace. After he explained that to me, he guided me through the clouds and mist again to a graveyard. I could smell the wet grass and fresh flowers on the graves. The birds in the graveyard were chirping and amplified to me.I could hear things that seemed to be miles away. As I walked with him through this place he let go of my hand and kept walking and eventually disappeared. I was left alone there in the darkness but sensed he was still with me. I started walking and everything seemed to fade to black around me. The darkness started on the ground at my feet and spread very quickly to the trees, gravestones and eventually I was staring into pitch black. I felt a sensation of falling out of the sky after my vision went black. I woke up from what I thought was several days worth of dreaming and looked at the clock to see it was just past 1230 am. Everything seemed to be new and fresh like I was a little kid. Even the smallest things amused me. I picked up a blank CDR that was on my computer desk and turned it over to stare at the rainbow of colors in the dim light. The colors seemed to be in 3D. They looked as if they were raised up off of the cd and I could touch them. I slowly moved my hand towards the red, blue, green and orange streams of light and attempted to touch the colors. My hand just went right through them as if they weren't there. I did this for several minutes until I decided to lay down on my bed for a while. I layed there in the dark and stared at the ceiling waving my index finger like a wand. There were trails of all different colors spewing from my finger making shapes and designs in the air. The air that was blowing in from the window was the smell of fresh rain and made me feel so happy that I just wanted to tell someone how wonderful the air was so they could share my happiness. At this point, I didn't even care that I had been waving my finger in the air and taking in the fresh air from outside for almost 2 hours, I was happy. I had an idea to tell someone how happy I was so I grabbed my phone and dialed the operator. She answered the phone and I immediately told her that she needed to go outside and get some fresh air and she would be as happy as I was. I must have went to sleep talking with the operator on the line because I woke up around 1130 am and the phone was still on making that beeping sound.

In conclusion, this was a real awakening for me. I felt like I had to do something very important the rest of the day, but I wasn't sure what I had to do. I also woke up feeling very refreshed and a happiness ran through my body like I hadn't felt since I was a kid. Shrooms let me do something that I never thought possible, which was talk to my deceased dad. I loved every minute of it and every emotion I felt, every color I saw and every weird thing I learned.

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