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First time

Well, my friend and I had been wanting to get ahold of some shrooms for quite awhile, but things just kept going wrong.

Well, my friend and I had been wanting to get ahold of some shrooms for quite awhile, but things just kept going wrong. Then one night we talked to a kid at school and he said he had some at his house, and to pick them up that night. We combined our money and bought a quarter of some \"bomb ass shrooms\" as he called them.

It was the night of our homecoming football game, which set a pretty delightful mood in which to ingest our fungus. When we arrived at my friend\'s house, it was just me, jose, and kevin. We each split up the shrooms into about 2 gram portions, and chowed down, washing them away with tall glasses of orange juice.

Me and Kevin popped in Halo 2, a true classic, and started gaming while we waited to feel something. None of us knew what to expect, being our first time, but after about 20-25 mins kevin just dropped the controller and started cracking up uncontrollably. He described the sensation as an intense head rush and he just couldn\'t stop laughing. Neither me and jose were feeling anything at this point, and we were anxious to enter this hilarious state of mind.

I was the next to feel something. I was playing the game alone at this point, against kevin\'s immobile master cheif, and yet i couldn\'t seem to hit him. I found this hilarious and nearly fell otu of the chair cracking up. Jose was getting worried, thinking he wouldn\'t feel anything, and just turned on his laptop and started listening to itunes.

Jose, after about 35 mins, had a large grin plastered on his face, and I knew he was started to come up with us. We started to drift into strange states of mind that are truly unexplainable, just carefree and happy about everything. Jose turned on the itunes visualizations, and that\'s when i got a very intense visual effect. The swirling patterns seemed to engulf me, drawing me in. I felt like i was flying through tunnels of changing lights and colors, all around me i heard the echoes of Crystal Method songs.

Then the intense visualizations started setting in. It was very intense, in the sense that i controlled the entire realm of reality that i was existing in. I laid on the floor and just watched the green carped bend and move in waves at my will. I rolled over and saw the white ceiling tiles droop down towards me, and the fluorescent lights seemed to be a tunnel stretching to distances i could not begin to conceive.

We decided we were being too loud with the music and that laughing, and we took a walk outside. The rain was falling in a gentle mist, and i must say it felt rather nice. The ground appeared to be made of glass, and i enjoyed pacing on the reflective wooden deck.

Soon the visuals weakened, and we all began to just talk to each other. We talked about the things people do, how we\'re born into a systematic society where everyone follows patterns and never even realizes that we\'re just falling in line. Things like laws, schools, money...none of this seemed to make sense, it\'s just a poison to our free minds, corrupting us and molding us until we\'re just like the people before us. It really helped to come to the realization that there is far more to life than earning money from manual labor and then dying.

Although there was far more to this trip, it\'s very difficult to describe it all in detail. It truly was an incredible experience, and I believe i\'ll be tasting the fruits of nature once again tonight, after the homecoming dance. I highly suggest everyone try it, even it\'s only once, because it opened doors and realizations in my life that i never would\'ve experienced before, and I feel like i can live a fuller, more enjoyable life knowing the things that I now know.

~Trev aka Victimus

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