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Living in the wild!

Enjoy the read :) This wasn't my first time eating mushrooms, but it was probably one of the best/hardest trips i've ever had.

Enjoy the read :)

This wasn't my first time eating mushrooms, but it was probably one of
the best/hardest trips i've ever had. It started on a saturday, when
i had planned to go camping at my favorite camp spot alone. My
girlfriend got the day off unexpectedly and decided she wanted to come
with me. I'm hoping she posts her experience as well, as it was her
first trip ever on mushrooms.

We got out to the campsite, got camp all set up and collected enough
firewood for the evening. The campsite was perfect and i was giddy
with excitement. There was wild flowers growing EVERYWHERE, daisies,
bright orange, blue, and yellow flowers all around. The ground was
covered in greenery, such as moss, ferns and other small leafy plants
i can't describe. Since my Girl had never taken mushrooms, i figured
she was going to be nervous, but after sitting by the fire for about 5
minutes, she asked when we could eat the mushrooms. I laughed and
said i was waiting for her to ask. I ate 2 grams, and gave her
1.3ish, since its what she felt comfortable with, we both ate them
with orange juice and an orange each. After getting the fungi in our
bellies, i loaded a bowl to help pass the time. I hit my piece a few
times and then my gf looked over at me asked why i wasn't passing it.
I kinda gave her that look like.... urm.... you sure? its your first
time! She persisted that she would be alright. ( a little
background, my girlfriend only started smoking like 2 months ago, and
mushrooms are her 2nd ever substance she's taken) so we puffed 2
bowls down and after that (it had been about 30 minutes) i could
already feel my stomach get tight, and the effects starting to set in.
My GF decided to eat the same amount as i did, so she put down
another .7grams. After about 20 more minutes i started to feel my
body high peaking and colors getting vibrant... she felt nothing so
she said (laughs).

I could tell right away that she was having some "new" experience when
she looked me in the eyes. it had been about an hour and a half since
we had eaten, and i already had breathing effects, and things looked
to be crawling in themselves. When my gf looked at me i could tell
she was in complete astonishment about what was going on. I loaded
another bowl, passed it over and thats when her trip took off....
Hopefully she will post it :)

I sat down on the edge of the creek we where camping on to watch the
water flow by and the clouds blow by. My tracers where longer then id
ever seen, i could tell this wasn't as strong as it was going to get.
I started to notice the greenery around me start to move within its
self, looking like it was flowing. I saw masks, like tribal masks in
the trees along with other odd looking twisted figures in the water.
Having a great time taking in the scenery i think i let myself go in
that time..... Before i knew it, i was back about 20 feet into the
trees, thinking that some super smart life forms where coming through
into my enchanted forest. I wasn't scared, just like a kid hiding
from the neighbors as he spies on..... is what i was doing, could see
the road through some branches and i watched a car go by, i swore
everyone in it had safari hats and rifles, i held it together and
wandered the forest (never much farther then 100 feet from my tent) I
started to think that the real world didn't matter anymore, that as
long as i was alive, warm, and happy that it didn't matter how i
lived. After i had that thought i think my trip peaked. I thought i
was a wood gnome type person, (i had lost my shoes somewhere) and had
bare feet. I thought that i should up hold my new belief and put wood
on the fire to warm up a bit, i carried some to the fire and let it
fall onto it, releasing a shower of bright orange sparks, that looked
like little stars/suns flying around me, i almost fell over with the
sight. I got warm by the fire and wanted to go back down to the
stream, while i was sitting on the shore, i heard a train way off in
the distance (in reality) but ithought it was right through the trees
and that i might be able to see it. As it got closer and closer, it
blew its horn, which was blaring loud, and i couldn't link it to the
train and i thought it was a horn from which my Gf might have been
blowing (remember i really thought i was more of a wood gnome then
anything else) I looked around to locate my girl, i saw her still
sitting in her chair by the fire, giggling, smiling and staring of
into space, Whew she was having an ok time.... i went and sat with
her a bit and we smoked another bowl.....

The rain, it started to rain, im not sure for how long, but it was
heavy downfall for a while. I loved it, it felt like little drops of
clouds tapping on my body, and the visual, well it streaked everything
in my vision..... looked like a watercolor painting , getting washed
off.... we scurried to the tent, and watched from what we considered
safety for some time, till it died off.

The last monumental part of the trip was after the rain all the
greenery was so vivid and exploding with life, was a great
sight/feeling everything looked alive, i felt like i was an intracate
part of the world, or the wild. Towards the end, i was coming down i
learned something about myself that i don't think i could have learned
any other way. I guess thats whats important. Towards the end i
started to think of myself as a slob... my pickup is always dirty, i
leave things laying around the house, and laundry, well i do it 1 time
every 2 weeks, i started to feel like i needed to change this, so
thats what im going to try.... i feel like it would help how i feel
day to day if everything wasn't in chaos....

Overall, im going camping in the same spot in a week, can't freakin wait!!!

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