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little girl secrets

my friend and my sister had planned this tripping experience for about a week .

my friend and my sister had planned this tripping experience for about a week . we bought a half ounce. these shrooms were so blue i couldn't believe it. our friend who geve them to us said " be carefull they're really potent.."

the day came around to pop em in. we had planned to go camping that day. we arrived to our destination , a quiet little campground without many people. we got our tent set up and the food out and everythng set up.. we sat down at the table and just looked at eachother knowing what was comeing up next,,

so we divided them up, a little bit more than an eigth to ourselves, and went out by ourselves and ate them.

when we were done we all meet up at the tabel and just sat around waiting for the effects. we figured it would take the usual about a half hour but NO!! these little guys to in effect about ten minutes!! i became very very giddy. and the craziest visuals . more time went by.. but time itself went by so slow. i could feel every second.. no deeper than that every millisecond. it was crazy . i would look at my sisters face and weird patterns would swirl and stop and then her face would sink into that pattern.. by then i was really intense. i decided to get away from her face and explore the area. my friend, i heard her giggleing wildly, i came over a hill and she came running to me with so much joy. she showed me this acorn. this acorn was really special. it seemed so calm while everything else was wacked...

anyway i went back over the hill to my sister and things started to get way intense. my proportion was way off i looked down at my feet and it seemed ten feet down. my arms were soooo long. colors were really bright, my sister was eating raspberries and the glowed so bightly that it hurt to look at them. i looked at my skin and could see each intracate layer it had and if i looked really close i dove into the layers and examined them for every detail that was fun.

this guy and to little girls just happend to pull up and camp right nex to us. this father was so intensly mean to his girls that it made me sick . he made my trip in to a wonderland form hell. his voice kepet echoing in my head. his little girls would walk around together and apear that the were joined together. by now my sister my friend and i were just running around like mad. we were happy yet terriblly afriad of this guy. i looked around the forest and saw about twenty little girls with small bodies and HUGE HEADS RUNNING AROUND they would sudennly stop and jerk their heads and look at me telling me things about their fatthers. things were really crazy.

we all decided to sit ourselves down at the table and try to calm down. unfortunely it didn't work. We had a vase fo flowers and peacock feather om the table and they were absolutly amazing, the were five feet tall and glowing with every color, and color was poring out of them. by now i was in another dimension. i would yell out random words trying ti grasp there meanings so i could grasp reality.

things went on like this for a while the sun went down and we all eventuall ended up in the tent. i was still going nuts while they were coming down. i would walk out side to go to the bathroom and it would feel like another world. there was scattered fires throuout the forest and people danceing aroud them. theis went on for a few mor hours until i finnally came back. i literally just popped back in to reality. i could finally think clearly and develope thoughts that would make sense.

all and all this trip was a good one. it did have its scary moment and wild moments. just a lesson to first time shroomers... if you plan to camp out make sure you stay awy from any civilization espesially if you eat a lot of shrooms..

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