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Little Clowns


WOW! Hello everyone! I'm new here so not sure about what is known about the Little Clowns. Way before I read any McKenna, or had any knowledge of these Little Clowns, I met them. Nothing to really substantiate why I met them on this fateful night except the possiblility of the Wizard of Oz on the tube and a "chemical soup". I was not really watching it, but it was on and could see it. Here is the background. I ingested a lot of Tenuate, (low grade speed 'cause I liked speed at the time) along with an undertimed amount of P. cubenis picked from the wild. I am now wondering if the Tenuate had any MAOi properties. The previous week I had the same combination in lower dosage with very pleasant effect, very euphoric and slightly empathetic. Reminded me of MDMA is certain ways. So in light of this new discovery I decided to try a larger dose. The cubensis was freshly fan-dried and tightly packed into 'OO' gauge capsules. Each weighed at least a couple grams, maybe three. I swallowed five (I didn't care for the taste so that was how I cicumvented it.) A friend joined me as I had invited him to try this combo. The heaviness and body-load weighed down on me hard as the Wizard of Oz came to an end. (We were listening to music.) My friend sensed my aloofness and felt uncomfortable then left me by myself. No problem. Except I wasn't by myself. The visuals seem to take on a more refined form and many fleeting streaks were now perceptible. I remember thinking that odd, as I had not seen much more than a lot of 'breathing, undulation and celluar' type visuals with cubensis before. Suddenly I heard high-pitched laughing and one of the streaks stopped in my peripheral sight. I turned to see and there was an elfin entity well defined and formed. I got the feeling that it wanted to reveal itself to me. He (I think, but gender seemed a grey area) was looking at me then burst into laughter and streaked away. Another streak stopped and revealed itself. I realized that all these streaks were fleeting elfin entities. Each had a unique personality and apperance, although similar. After much playing around I finally asked one "Who are you and your kind?" I not sure if I really verbalized it or not. In what seemed like a perfectly audible reply, he said "We are creations like you! But we were created first. Something went wrong with our creation. Then you were created and are superior! Ha aha ha hee hee!" It zoomed back into a fleeting trace. Now all these fleeting traces toyed with me by flash appearances, laughter and ZIP!, back to traces bouncing off my walls and through the air. This went on for an eternity, causing me much confusion and anxiety. Suddenly most of the traces, stopped and revealed themselves. They appeared distraught, and lost thier humorous side. They stared at my window with frightful looks and I heard one say "He is coming! He is coming!" I asked "Who?" and the reply was "The Creator!" From behind the window, there was a flickering light, gaining in brilliance and form. I was becoming scared! The elves started high pitch "singing/humming" that warbled but kept gaining a higher pitch as the light grew in intensity. I couldn't handle this at the time and buried my head in a pillow until to my amazement, the experience faded with the my awareness never realizing the end result. Any more insight into this experience would be appreciated.

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