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Life, Ego, Eternity

You know it seems through mushrooms that you are looking through somebody else's eyes.

You know it seems through mushrooms that you are looking through somebody else's eyes. It's like when you ingest this magical creation you are God.

It all started yesterday morning, Thanksgiving eve, I happened to get up early for some reason, I wasn't really planning on tripping this particular day but I got a call from my friend Laura at about 9:00am, She was wondering what's on the agenda for today, cause usually we smoke blunts every chance we get. Now for some time now I’ve been growing some Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in my closet which weren't really fruiting that great So I moreless had a couple rice cakes that would work for tripping.

At about 9:30 I was on my way to her friends house where Laura was at with two of her friends Ashley & Ashley. We made a quick run to the store for some Orange Juice & we each blended up a hole half pint rice cake with OJ. Now this was the nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted before, but somehow we all managed to gulp it down.

Onset around 10:15am the first effects set in. We all felt a tingliness in our stomach, & Ashley the small Ashley which prob. weighs maby 100lbs. started laughing & giggling for some half hour. Now Laura who is experienced with sacidelics Knew what was coming & sat in a bean bag next to me & the other Ashley in a chair waiting for the fun!!

Now things started getting strange, The walls seemed to sway in & out with every breath we took, like they were breathing. The small Ashley was mumbling something about how she can't find her arms, but it was funny because I seemed to see them floating through the air even before I heard her mumbling. The bigger Ashley seemed to like the mirror alot cause I saw a creature that must have been her in front of this big mirror in the living room.

After a little bit we found ourselves in Ashley’s bedroom staring at what we later found out to be a guinea pig. This creature seemed to be some sort of God, Somehow it was talking to us & we were talking back to it telepathically without actually talking out loud, & as I look at bolth ashleys & Laura they are all focused on the same thing so it wasn't just me talking to this creature.

This just bugged us all out so we had to get out of the house & we all jumped in my 66 impala & drove around town a little bit we seemed to never get a red light. Eventually we came to this intersection & got a red light, I was staring at the red light & it turned Into a colorful mass of water & dripped down to the ground & splashed into a million different colors & seemed to come after the car. I didn't know what to do, Laura saw something similar to what I saw & pushed my leg down & the pedal hit the floor before we knew it we were hitting 70 in a city street, luckily we didn't get pulled over.

After a visit to the local weed man we smoked a nice fat blunt & just chilled for a while back at ashleys house, I’ve found that smoking weed seems to actually bring back the trip a little.

Well the story comes to a close & the next day no one remembered too much about what the guinea pig was saying But all in all it was a great trip & I Love shrooms & can't wait to do it again sometime soon!!!

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