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Life Changing Trip..

It's Friday night, and my friend is home alone.

It's Friday night, and my friend is home alone. We invite about a dozen other high-school friends over. I started by drinking a few beer. I then eat 1.5 grams. It was my first time. Twenty minutes later, and I still have not felt any effects. I was worried that I would not catch at all. My friends had already cought. So I decided to finish my six pack of beer, and smoke some pot. Afer smoking the pot I decided to take the remaining 1.5 grams that I had left. Almost immediately after I started feeling it....fast.

Everybody is on the main floor in the living room watching T.V. I started feeling different, and strange. I did not know half the people there. So I decided to go up stairs in my friends bedroom and lay down. The room was dark, and christmas lights were lit up creating enough light to see effectively.

The voices downstairs always involved my name. Perinoia was beggining. Why are they talking about me? What did I do? I would close my eyes, and for some reason I wanted to sleep. The flashing christmas lights, illuminating the room began to make noices, noices like in a game of space-invaders matching the patterns of the lights. The door is open and I hear somebody at the bedroom door. I look over and see my best friend, but only for a few seconds as he vanishes into thin air. THis was one of the few comforts I had. Whenever I would look, quickly over to the door entrance I would see him, but only for a few seconds. The sounds of the lights was very constant, even my head would go along with this "beat" at times.

Having no idea how long I have been in the room along, somebody finally comes in to see me. He comes in, reminding me of Cramers star entrance into Seinfelds' appartment. I even heard the background cheer. "What the hell you doing up here? I take it you finally cought? Man you looked fucked!" (crowd laughs). "NO, I think I'm just tired". He leaves and downstairs I hear him saying, "He is fucked!" I heard it repeadidtly. Fear was kicking in. What is wrong with me? Why does he think I looked so messed up? I was also beggining to lose my sense's. My sense's were getting mingled.

A few of my friends bombard me all at once. "You allright?" "I heard you were messed up!" I don't have the energy to say much. In the back of my head I began to hear music. It was music of a game that I played on SNES - chrono trigger. I relived the experience. Every so often I would check to see if I had pissed my pants. Still, on the bed a few friends sit down with me. I am sat-up with my legs crossed. I ask one of my friends to check if my back/neck was soaked in water. Reality was excaping me.

I became a prisoner of my own mind. I felt inprisoned, trapped and insane. I had no idea what was happening to me. People are talking in the room, but I can't pay attention to them. I begin thinking about my inevitiable fate - death. I felt like I was actually dying. An experience that words can't explain. It was only going to be a few hours until my death. I had lost total touch with my body. My soul had come out of my body. I was dying. One of my friends asked me what was wrong. "Am I going to die?" "Of course not, It will all be over by tomorrow" That comforted me a bit. HE continued to comfort me because I was able to assosiate with him. He knew what I going through. He told me his first time he did 4grams. My fear was fading.

Now the fun begins.... I become a phylosifer, poet, and I was able to see through other people's eyes. My whole life I saw through a small, thin tunnel... and that night i begin to see way beyond that. Some of my friends annoyed me. But I felt like I really connected with a few friends, and even a guy I never knew before. I noticed the gay tendencies of this guy. I noticed how my one friend always tried too hard to be funny. None of this I never noticed sober. I had wierd theories like... "what is funny? Is funny, funny?" I told a girl... "Your only as good, as you look". I now understand how Frued made most of his theories high on coke.

Well that is my first experience, and best experience. I think this might of been a Level 5... but I chose level 4 just in case I am wrong.

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