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Level 4+...CRAZY

I did 5 grams last night and I'm so incredibly blown away right now.

I did 5 grams last night and I'm so incredibly blown away right now. I have done shrooms before but it has never been this crazy ever. I ate a minimal amount of food that day. I ate a small meal 5 hours before doing shrooms.
My boyfriend and I cut up the shrooms into small bits and mixed them up with melted chocolate.
We started doing them around 8.40 pm and by 9 I was gone...It felt like a train hit me.
At first it was bad...I had a feeling of hopelessness and I was afraid but I had no idea why. I felt as though every single issue I was dealing with in my life, and any problem that I have ever had, everyone that I had ever met, was all around me and my brain was tying up loose ends, resolving every single problem I have ever had.
After what seemed like a long time, I had a sense of enlightenment and everything was ok. I felt like I was a clean slate and like all my feelings were balanced out so I just felt numb.
I had the most amazing visuals. Everything that I looked at seemed as though it was made of tons of layers. It felt like I could see through things, almost. I could see crazy characters and I wanted to play with them but they kept running away. I imagined my friends dog and I played with her, although I've never actually met her in real life, just seen pictures.
Everything was blending into everything else. It was like everything was made of paint and it was all melting into itslef. I had no perception of time...I flashed back to reality for a split second, and realized that I didn't even know what year it was but then I went back and was confused by the concept of time... I just didn't care because time meant nothing. It was senseless.
Conversation was like a thing...I felt like if you wanted to, you could touch it...weird.
I forgot where I was.My room is in the basement and I couldn't imagine what was upstairs, or even if there was an upstairs.
I could look at something and I felt like I was that thing. I thought I could go through cables...like I could travel through them like electricity.
I remember looking at my body and thinking how weird it was because it felt so foreign. Like it was a container that was holding me in and I just wanted to break out of it.
Then, at one point I thought I was in outer space and I was just going around like it was the most normal thing ever. I had a sense of complete freedom.
When I was coming down, I felt like I couldn't wait to be normal again because at that point, reality and fantasy were so damn intertwined that it was scary.
I needed constant reassurance of what time it was and needed clarification of where I was and who I was and whether or not I had spoken to anyone else. In reality, I hadn't moved in hours. I was completely paralyzed because at that time having a body was completely meaningless.
I've been rambling on..In conclusion: wow. I can't wait to do shrooms again, although I don't think it will be any time soon.

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