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Let this be a lesson

This is not so much a report as it is a warning, always have a safe place to go when you are tripping.

This is not so much a report as it is a warning, always have a safe place to go when you are tripping. Me and my friend Ryan were hanging out at my house one fine summer day. We were very bored, so we decided to call up this guy we know who sold some really nice bud. When we called him up he said that he not only had bud, but he also had some shrooms. So needless to say we were there in about fifteen minutes to pick up our kind and shrooms. We made the exchange and then the guy says he's going to throw in a hit of acid for free! I had never done acid before so the guy said we should just do half tab each with the shrooms.

We had about five hours to trip before my cousin got home(I wouldn't want him to know were trippin)and we both figured that would be perfect. We figured we could play it off by that time because we would probably be coming down by then.Wow were we wrong! We ate the mushrooms and then put a halftab each under our tongues, then we hit the bong to make the wait a little more bareable. I should mention that we both ate about 5-6grams of mushrooms each.

About 45 minutes went by and we were both thinking it was going to be a mellow trip, but then it came on like a kick in the ass. We were sitting watching a basketball game when it suddenly appeared to both of us that one of the players was playing with prosthetic legs. We were both laughing so hard that tears were coming down our faces. This guy was like the handicapped Michael Jordan, he would dunk it and then go limping down the court to play defense. At this point we both realized that there were no handicapped players in the NBA, so we were now really trippin. We both figured it was time to smoke a bowl and then venture outside.

The outside was like a completely different world, everything was very crisp and colorful. I looked up at the stars and they took turns sparkling. The moon had a personality of it's own. There was a deep purple tone to the night sky, unlike any tone I have ever seen. This is when the evil(I believe it was the acid)took over the trip. We started walking down the street and I got a feeling of sheer terror. The quiet was extremely loud, at one point I forgot my name and where I lived. Luckily Ryan wasn't that bad off and we found our way back to my house.

The only bad thing about finding my house was that my cousins car was in the driveway, he had unfortunately come home two hours early. Since Ryan was fealing somewhat decent, we decided he would drive us to the park to play some basketball in the dark. By my house we have a bunch of speed bumps, and every time we went over one I would scream "WHAT WAS THAT" thinking we had just hit something or someone. Ryan pulled over and decided we weren't going anywhere. So we sat there for about fifteen minutes when all of a sudden the people who lived in the house we were in front of came home. No big deal except that I thought it was the cops and they were going to get us because Ryan had run people over. So I saw the lights behind us and for some reason I yelled to Ryan "RUN!" I opened the car door and ran across the street as fast as I could. Ryan knew that it was just the people who lived there and tried to stop me but I got out of the car too fast. I'm sure this ruined his trip too because he was laughing so hard that he pee'd his pants a little. I was hiding in the bushes across the street thinking I had pulled a fast one on those coppers when I heard Ryan calling my name. So I pulled it togethr and came out of hiding. At this point we decided it was time to go home no matter what. So we left the car there and walked home. Turns out my cousin had to be back at work early so he had already gone to sleep.

I will never do any drugs without having someplace safe and comfortable to trip. NEVER

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