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First Time

This trip happened back in september 97.

This trip happened back in september 97. Well I had had lots of experience with ketamine, DXM, LSD, and some ketamine aswell as the harmala alkaloids and marijuana, but had never had a pure mushroom trip. I had once taken two grams of mushrooms in combination with 600 mg. of DXM, but had never done them alone. I was finishing my last class at the university, when I met up with Jessie and Thom, my two new friends who were experienced in many psychedelics like I was, and had promised to hook me up with some MDA, as that was what I was wanting at the time. We went down to broadway, the main drug area in our town and lingered around until about 5:30, when we saw Andrew, our mushroom dealer. We bought an eighth together, and planned to split it. IT seemed like an ok dose for my first pure mushroom trip. At about 6:30, we went down by the river and split up the dose. We both consumed the chewy shrooms and went back up to broadway. We walked around and talked with friends until about 8:00. Me and Jessie both felt all right, all though he was tripping out, while I was feeling nothing. Soon Thom, friend #3 came back, and had just ingested a full eighth himself. Me and jessie bought a ten-chunk of herb, and then went off to smoke it. We met up with barb and becky, both on the same amount of shrooms as we were, and offered to share our smoke with them. It was now quite dark, and we went into the bushes. The chicks were both only 16, and were giggling their asses off. I have always considered myself a psychonaut, and not a snoter, and felt a little annoyed. The pipe was then passed to me. I took a toke, I felt a little light headed. I took another, felt nice, then as I sparked my lighter, it flickered and went out. I then saw a blue image of it flicker, and then dissappear. I knew that I was tripping now. I took a couple more tokes, and we went off. I was quite stoned but didn't exactly realize it. I looked at my friends and saw a bunch of neutrally dressed people in their early 20's. "Fuuuuck..." I thought.. it was the christians. They were preaching at me, telling me I was going to hell, and how I'm ruining my life (like they can tell by looking at me). I then talked to them, in a rather incoherant and fried voice, complet with red eyes, and dilated pupils. At this point, I went over to jessie, who was totaled. I asked for change for a dollar, so I could call for a ride, I was getting very uncomfortable. The only number I could remember was my mom's, and it took me a couple quarters to get her number right. She picked me up and wondered why her 19 yr old son couldn't have gotten a cab.. I tried to keep the conversation mellow, and make sure she didn't look at my eyes. She dropped me off at my apartment, and I thanked her and left. I went into my apartment and listened to a KoRn CD, as I tripped out. I then decided to take a bath in the dark. I saw electricity everywhere, gingerbread men, and rainbows. I then got up and went to my computer. I turned on the "Acid warp" dos program as I peaked. As I looked at the spiralling images, I would close my eyes, and still see the screen I was amazed. I then went to my fave chat line, and talked as I tripped out, seeing tracers and spirals everywhere. Around this point, I began to come down. I began to feel sad, because of what the christians told me. I then went o watch tv, all on a negative vibe. Well the saddness of the trip persisted for over two weeks afterward, but eventually left. I am now growing mushrooms, and tripping every weekend.

The day after, I compared my trip to jessie's and it pointed out psilocybin's telepathic qualities, as we both had similar visions. BYEFORNOW

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