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lego land uncovered.

i experianced meeting the real me.

i experianced meeting the real me..who was a very nice,caring lovely person,contrary to what my ego kept telling me..in the mirror as i sat..i began to talk to me..my reflection looked so beautiful..she was almost seperate but i knew my ego had been silenced and i saw my true wonderful pure self.
the embers in the fire turned into little toads as they fell through the steel grate..rebbiting in song.
colours were breath taking and everything alive and breathing in synchronicity.
another time when i was younger i saw what appeared to be an oval shape appear in front of me in the air like a tv screen with frills around the outside edge.
within the oval i saw a girl i did not know..sat in a tweed green arm chair.
she was flicking channels on a tv remote control and then rested her chin on the remote,watching tv.
the vision dissapeared and i thought no more of it.
afew weeks later i met a girl named susan,we went to her house and talked ect..she sat down in the green arm chair and started flicking channels on the tv...(it was her the girl i had seen and not yet met)!!
the veil is lifted during the trip,the houses and streets become a lego land..you know there are souls inside those boxes but some are made of stone.
the streets outside like that of a railway model..and the open sky so vast and magical watching down on a very tiny small insignificant life is overwelming.
trees are the most beautiful thing ive ever seen along with an open hand,the veins are in motion within.
if you lay apon the grassy bed..you can feel mother nature..our earth breath ...like sitting apon a hairy animals back.
and if you lay making little use of your trip you often get caught up in the mechanics of your physical self..hearing it tick and work..which is not always a nice feeling.
thanks for listening...:)
kissed_by_midnight@yahoo.co.uk alias Chelle
i wrote a poem some years ago it is below:
"mr magic"

i have a little friend that grows,

in the grass of green meadows.

he's very small and hard to find,

as flowers he does hide behind.

but once you spot his pale white head,

and pick him from his grassy bed,

you can eat him on his own,

or boil him with his friends at home.

and once you drink this magic potion,

you see the world in altered notion.

this earthly eye appreciates,

the awe of all that god creates.

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