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Lazy Summer Trip

I had only had two mild trips on mushrooms before this time, which had been about a week earlier and two weeks earlier (we had found a good connection).

I had only had two mild trips on mushrooms before this time, which had been about a week earlier and two weeks earlier (we had found a good connection). After the trips before, I somehow was left with an extra dose that was kept with my weed in an airtight jar for about a week. At this time in the summer, a lot of my good friends were out of town, but I see myself as a very independent person and decided I would eat the mushrooms alone on a nice day. By the time the next Friday rolled around with nothing major for me to do, I pulled them out and chewed up each one and swallowed. I have no idea how much I took.

I worked on the computer for a few minutes then read part of a book. At the time I felt the mild stoning effects but not much else. I grew very bored in my room and decided to make a quick trip to target to buy things with my gift card. The closer I got to target the more I realized I didn’t want to go into the store. I only walked around and looked at things for a brief moment until I realized I had forgotten my gift card and made my escape with this excellent excuse.

On my way home I could tell the mushrooms were kicking in. The cars on the street all looked very interesting and full of color. A bus pulled up next to me at a stoplight. The advertisement on the side of the bus had a man and a woman making big smiley annoying looking faces. I looked at the man’s face and it seemed distorted and rippley. I knew that I should get back home right away.

Back in my own home I decided to do some drawing. When I made a streak of marker color on the white paper it looked as brilliant as ever. All lines and shapes seemed incredibly easy to create. Boy, let me tell you, drawing sure was fun! It seemed as if there was no way I could make a wrong line and mess up my picture. All the lines were beautiful.

Soon my good friend Adro called and I invited her to come over and chill. By the time she got over everything looked slightly different with colors and things, but their shape remained about the same and I was very capable of talking. I made the decision not to tell Adro I was on shrooms, especially for one fact that I was suppose to find half an eight for her. I had taken them about 3 or 4 hours earlier.

We planned to go smoke in a special playhouse/elfhouse in the woods where we often go. We decided not to take the path to this spot and just charge directly through the woods instead (very beautiful and fun). Adro mentioned on the way how much fun shrooms would be to have. We reached the house and I packed a bowl and we smoked together in the woods.

After about the second bowl, things really started to go nuts. Everything looked different and started to change. I looked at Adro, stoned and bouncing around, and saw a third eye on her forehead. I just stared at this new growth and realized that she didn’t have a third eye as much anymore as she did three noses! I looked out the small door of the little house and saw millions of leaves fluttering around in a kaleidoscope pattern. I stared at the beauty of this site until I noticed a small area in the trees that looked red and pink that contrasted drastically with the rest of the colors of the tree. It may have been an eye in the tree, or a portal to a different reality, I didn’t quite know.

I realized while I was staring in it that I suddenly felt like I was in a long dark hallway, and that there was some sort of entity behind me. I was not scared at all, and tried to listen to what this entity was telling me. I turned around in a few moments and found I was in fact still in the little house with Adro. I leaned against the little house and felt as if I was part of the wood, unable to move. Adro made attempts to talk to me in Spanish, and I found myself unable to speak another language for several minutes (although my Spanish at this point wasn’t really a language, either). On our way home I noticed something was very different. I thought about how I manage to sleep in the same spot every night and wake up every day and just do things until night came again. The idea was absurd and I couldn’t understand how I was able to do such things. I realized shortly that the reason it seemed so absurd to me was that I had forgotten completely that time existed. I tried to explain this to Adro but I don’t think she understood.

Back at home I ignored Adro for five minutes while I made sure to play with my dog and promise to take her to the beach. We went back to where I had been drawing before and drew more. I worked on a picture for a long time. I was having so much fun, but I realized after some time that my picture really was just a giant scribble (my attempts to make a fuzzy cat). Eak. We ordered dinner and watched a movie, and my trip came back down.

I know people say don’t trip alone and don’t go where there are lots of people, but damn I had fun.

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