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Last time

Let me start by saying that I still believe the world to be an illusion created in my mind.

Let me start by saying that I still believe the world to be an illusion created in my mind.

I was living with my boss at the time (bizarre in itself)
and my girlfriend lived half an hour away.I was going to take the shrooms with my girlfriend who had never done it before.I had taken them shrooms 3 times before and all trips
were similar in thought.I couldnt get a hold of her,so I decided I would do them myself and trip in my room.Bad move.
I took about three grams straight and just sat there watching the tv.I was tripping hard 30 minutes after.I decided to call her again.Not there but I left a message.
"I think you drank a bit too much tonight,babe,but I still love you"That was what I left.I kept replaying the message over and over again and I thought it was very weird.I deleted it.Back to the tv.EVerything had a red hue in it.I was watching some infomercial and there was a guy and a girl stading there but they seemed digital.Creepy and evil.

I changed the channel to a religious program.Again,bad move.
I could swear,and even to this day,that when I watch religious programs,I see demons,like I am able to see through their disguises.It freaked me out,so as best I could,I tried to get to the bathroom without making too much of a comotion.I took a leak and I saw the water in the bowl start to breathe.Back to my room.I called my girlfriend again.She answered.She sounded funny.I asked her if she was drinking she said no.I said I took the shrooms.She hung up.

I called back and she wouldnt answer.I started thinking that
the system could block me out at anytime.Its all computers and computers are the devils tool.I decided to go to her pad.But,I had to ask my boss to borrow his car.He said yes.I took the keys and bolted out of there.I remember screaming for no apparent reason at the top of my lungs as soon as I was out of there.But,I was drawn,unconsciensly to the bank,like a magnet,I got angry that I was there.Money.The root of all evil.I dont know what I was doing there.I uess the system wanted me to take some money out and leave a mark to where Ive been.On to the highway.

I got on the highway,listening to the radio.And the radio seemed digital in sound,but skipping and frozen.I think I was doing maybe 20km/h cause all I remember about that was a big truck highbeeming me from behind.I started accelarating just as a car drove in front of me to show me the way.I found myself thanking that guy out loud.I finally made it,after what seemed like hours,to her place.I had to call upstairs for her to buzz me in.I thought,the system.I am not getting in.I called up.No answer.All this,I was thinking,is happening because she knew I took shrooms,wich I believe,removes the cloth from my eyes.I called again.No answer.On my way back home.

Back on the highway,it was more or less the same trip,same skipping music,and the same truck speeding behind me.I wasnt going to let that fucker get me.So I was flying back home.I got back home and I knew that she would answer that phone.She did.I told her that I was there,she said she never heard the phone.By this point I was out of it.I couldnt control the shrooms anymore so I let them take me away.I told her I wanted to be there,that I was comming back.She said she would come and get me.Great,but only if she was sober.She said she was.I waited and waited for what seemed like an eternity and was wondering if I imagined the whole scene.I was begining to believe that I didnt call her at all and I never left my room at all.She got there.

I got in her car,babbling like a fool.I told her they were fucking with us but I couldnt explain.I looked at her and she seemed digital.I asked her what was wrong and she said she was hammered.I wanted to drive cause,hell,I dont trust anyone but myself in situations like that.She said no.On to the highway.

We started arguing and everytime the mood in the car changed,the speed of the car changed.Everything was happening so fast at that point,I looked over at her and she looked,best I can describe it,like a speed demon,digital,like a computer.I thought we would crash if she didnt slow down.I softened my tone of voice and she slowed down.You get what you give,I thought.But it wouldnt last,we would argue again and the speed would come up.160....170km/h.Flying.I told her to slow down.She looked annoyed.Completely digital.I could make out the pixels that formed her body.I softened my tone again,became loving.She slowed down,just as we were taking the exit for her street,a cop pulled us over.I was in a dream...a nightmare.I looked over at her and she was just buzzing,completely out of it.I thought we were finished.I wanted to get out of the car so the cop could be distracted by me and not see how drunk she was.She told me not to.She grabbed my hand.I believe that if I got out of that car right then,he would have shot me.I told her to calm down.He came to the window.

I completely shut up.He said we were speeding and asked if she had anything to drink.She said no.He asked for her liscence."Hey,your from North Bay!So am I!" Coincidence?No.Angel on my shoulder.He went on about the town and where he used to live.So he said the bad news was he had to give us a ticket.The good news was he was writing it down from 140 to 120km/h.He went back to his car.She shut the window and completely freaked out again.She started chewing gum like a maniac and I told her everything was okay and that when the cop was going to come back to just say thank you and thats all.

Now we were back at the apartement and and I was convinced she was a computer.I had no control over the functions of my body anymore.I had to go to the washroom and she came and held me from behind.I peed all over the place.On to bed.I was still tripping super hard.We lay down in bed,and I thought she was evil.I was holding her hands yet I felt a snake crawling up my leg.The snake.The devil.She scared me and I thought that I would end up killing her.I told her that I was going to unplug the alarm clock.She tripped.I knew that a computer cant wake up by itself.She died.She stopped breathing.I was confronted with an option.I could die right there,or continue.The wheel that keeps spinning till you decide to jump off.I didnt want her to die.I tried reviving her.She wouldnt wake up.I played dead.She woke up.
Life is a balance.Ying and yang.I heard the earth breathing.I saw shadows on the wall dancing.I saw a big movie played out in my head.I was afraid to go to bed,cause Id be lost when I woke up.I stayed up till about 7am.I took the shrooms about 10pm.

I still think the world is in my mind.It is what you create.The message on the phone stating that I thought she drank too much,and she did.The highway,where I was going slow enuff to see what was going on around me.The cop pulling us over to tell her she was going too fast.Electricity is evil.Just wait till Y2k.

We`re born alone to live and die alone.If you`re lucky,you get to do some laughing and some loving on the way out.

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