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Large Dose in the Park

Hello shamans.

Hello shamans... recently AFOAF sent me this.
People: Me, + "R"
We began eating them around 9:30 im guessing, in my room with the black light on. I was shamanizing my close friend "R" , who had done my shrooms only a little before. He prob ate an eight in 2 taco bell tacos. So we take a walk down to this really peaceful park down the street, not feeling anything...
We pack a bowl using the glow of a cell phone. and i read that its best to smoke when your begining to trip. I told my friend look at the bats, there were bats right? At this point were just chilling on top of this hill near some nice pine trees and we hear someone walking along this path with their dogs. You can hear EVERYTHING. Well this guy saw us and stopped just stading still and it was dark so he didnt know if we saw him. This makes us laugh so much, the kind you try to hold in and it sounds like snorting or whatever and we just bust out laughing. so eventually this guy walks by, scared im sure by our crazy laughter. Then his 2nd dog follows about 30 seconds after him and i swear to god i saw those dogs eyes glowing, no shit! Then we hear him tell his dogs the bats are out! crazy...
so we wait about 45 minutes and start smoking this phat bowl and thats when we lost it. My friend was staring at the grass in front of his face and is like the grass is waving at me. And so we bust out laughing together and its like a wave coming over us, we each see glowing mushrooms everywhere.(different visuals, same manifest). To me the grass looked like little musrhooms- glowing green,blue,pink,etc, all the blacklgiht colors. Then i look down to the middle of the park and this huge tree looks crazy, and i see the mushroom spirit flowing out of it into me!
I look up and left at the clouds on the treeline and theyre moving. About every 5 minutes we crack eachother up laughing, and each time this happens the trip gets deeper. I look at my friend and his head looks sooooooooooo tiny, then it looks like a mushroom. He tells me my head looks like a mushroom.(there is really a collective consciousness).<--- I closed my eyes and was in a tunnel, swarming mushrooms comprised the walls. I felt like i was being pulled thru the mushroom tunnel, or they were teaching me how their life energy worked. it was fucking crazy. and I talked to R the other day and described it to him and he said he saw the EXACT same thing. That's crazy.
Anyways... R is lying with his head facing the bottom of the hill, like upside down. Hes like I wish a clould would just come and eat me and take me away. lol. Then he just kicks his legs over his head, flipping down the hill laughing. He was starting to freak me out, just the way he was tripping. And he started to look very strange, like a crazy middle eastern guy(hes not). He was really confusing me by the nonsense he was saying, I was getting a little scared.
I look over to the bridge at the bottom and my vision turns flat and pixelated, like little blocks. This made me feel my soul, it made me feel like a hunter, a creature.
So we decide to walk back to my house and it was a wierd ass walk. A motion sensor security light comes on and I'm like what the fuck is wrong iwth people, this is so un natural (light during night). And hes like naah man maybe someon got mugged there. And i said no man theyre just assholes.
Then hes like thats so people dont get raped, then started talking about rape in a really wierd nuetral way and it lunched me out so hard. Everytime we walk by there we talk about it.
So we get to my room and im so fucked up. I lie on my bed and turn the black light on. R was sitting on my floor, sorta meditating and he just blends into the shelf! Then my vision gets flat again... it looks like im looking at something 2 inches away from my head, very small. The glowing of the blacklight and the light hitting my carpet. It just looked like a diving board(i dont know how ot describe it, something sticking out from blackness) surronded by blackness. Then I had to kick him out cause my mom was coming home YES IM fucking 18.
So hes getting a drink and just staring at the water come out of the faucet, im getting paranoid as fuck. I feel bad that i made him leave now, but he was sorta lunching me out. So he rides his bike home for like 10 miles while tripping at night. LOL He felt like the bike was a part of him he was saying, and he didnt fall at all.
So Im getting scared that im tripping so hard, so i just lie down in my bed so I wont have to face her when she comes home. This isnt fun.
Over hours and hours, after she got home, my mind was reeling with very recursive thoughts. I could feel all the layers of my face. It felt like the future was melting into the past, and I felt like I was gonna die. Then I was like no Im already dead. And then I began to think about my girlfriend. These were not normal thoughts, i really felt possesed the whole time after my friend left. I just would think about her and me getting married, and about a little girl, our daughter. I think I was predicting the future, cause it turns out we are getting married, and I think well have a daughter. What was wierd was the absoloute recursiveness, like someone was showing it to me over and over.
I was scared to move just cause I was feeling crazy and was contimplating going to pee for hours. Just trying to tell if I had to, then being scared to go. My body filled up liquid and I could feel it. My eyes were watering alot.
Not consciouslly, but in a possesed sleep walk way(it felt SO WIERD) I walked out of my room into the bathroom. Peeed.
Then the most intese feeling ive ever had, I was pulled onto the floor, I didnt fall something fucking pulled me and I didnt hesitate for a second. I just layed there. I think the fungus in my bathroom (not the good kind uck) was calling me or something. I really dont know why i was lying on my bathroom floor. Eventually i got up and heard each step sticking to the floor. WIERD
THen i went to my bed and went crazy for a few more hours and the peak finally stopped.
sorry I ddint expect it to be so long.

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