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Land of the Lost/Mega-Lo Mart/Nightmare b/f Christmas

I'm 18, 150 pounds, 6 foot male.

I'm 18, 150 pounds, 6 foot male. I've only shroomed 3 time before, one good one and two that just made me think a lot(those two sucked). I ate 3.8 grams of p-cubensis dried. I mixed the shrooms with some peanuts. Okay...so I start chowing down some shrooms arouns 7. At 7:30 I smoked out until I almost felt sick. I walk down the road a ways to this river with a buddy who was already tripping and one that wasn't(he hadn't eaten any). We walk down around the bridge and to the underside to sit on some pillars over the water. I look over at my buddy tripping and he's in his own world. I'm talking with the sober buddy and not tripping at all, no visuals, no anything. Around 8:30 I start getting mild visuals, but since my sober buddy was their he kind of had me focused. This is when time slowed. The next 30 minutes seemed like hours(like 2 full hours). So I go off by myself into the woods. This is how I was able to get away from my buzz kill buddy. I'm walking through this path, blah, blah, blah. You all know the story. I come out of the woods and I see it's getting dark. I go get my friends and we head back. By this time I'm getting mild visuals but they are everywhere. Like when you stare and look away the next thing you look at is wierd too, but not TOO strange. So we get back finally and my sober buddy says he wants to go to the store. I'm down and we go(2 tripping and sober driving). The drive was a wild ass ride, like a rollercoaster. So we are at the store finally, go in and it turns into a big ass Mega-Lo Mart, once again we've all been their. We go home and it's around 9:30. This is where I get fucking lost. Everyhting else I have said doesn't me shit to what I'm about to say, that only showed you what has lead up to these next events. My buddy had picked up some things earlier that day from his house to help us have a better trip. He starts coming in the door with black lights, strobes, flourescent candles, and a 3D clown that looks like its climbing out of te wall. So before hes finished I hit the ROOR bong and get blazed(I think, I mean I cleared the mother fucker). We were watching the Braves but I became to focused and made them turn it off, this makes everything so much beter for me. He sets everyhting up for us and this is where I get retarded. I become so lost in my world I dont even know who I am. I cant even talk, but I know my buddy is tripping just as hard as I am. So lights go out, black lights and strobes come on. So my visuals turn into a really bad ass cartoon, but only because I was playing with one of those candles that glow in black lights. It seemed fluffy, yet real. So I'm having a bad ass trip, then I start playing with one of those pillows that are really soft, I think they have really small pieces of round foam in them. Anyway it's on my chest and I start pulling at it. Pretty soon I'm reaching into my chest, and sometimes all the way through. I wigg out and stop. From now until the trip ends I have this feeling that my chest cavity is missing. I then find that I can't chew, I cant feel things by touch, and I'm not breathng, but I know its the shrroms so I roll with it all. The trip continues until about 12. And I'm ableto drive home at one. So I only tripped hardcore for abut 3 hours, with the whole process from eating to driving home lasting about 6 hours. It was all worth it. Hope I helped. If you have any questions I'm sure I'll be able to help. I know I left a lot out of this trip report.

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