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land o the mushrooms

I took about seven fresh cubensis and my camping gear and packed it into the car and drove to a wilderness area not far from the city.

I took about seven fresh cubensis and my camping gear and packed it into the car and drove to a wilderness area not far from the city. I didnt know how potent the mushrooms would be since i had never grown them before. I ate one in the car on the way to the trailhead, parked and packed my backpack for an overnight trip. Then i ate about 4 more and hoisted the pack and set off. The trail has a bridge across a river after about 1/4 mile and as i crossed i knew i was entering another dimension, I looked at the flowing water and the rusty metal of the bridge for a few moments and set out. This trail follows a river in a rainforestlike setting. The shooms were kicking in as i hiked and i stopped and ate one more, the taste was unpleasant by now. As i hiked i was aware of every detail of the forest, i would stop and gaze at the pattern of a dead tree or plant. But the thing i was most aware of was the mushrooms they were everywhere. Large ones, small ones forcing their way out of the earth and pushing up a chunk of soil. I would stop and pick a few smell them and continue. The energy in my body was incredible and i carryed the full back like a feather. But i worried i might hurt something and not know it so i walked carefully. The trail had numerous downed trees across it from the winter and luckily no other people. As i hiked i realised i was sweating and i felt that if i didnt consciously breath i would stop breathing. Everything around was so alive so green. I realized i had walked for a while and wanted to find a campsite but i wanted a good place to camp. The pack was wearing on me and i wanted to be free of it. My sense of time was screwed and i though it might get dark soon. I kept hiking came upon a perfect spot. I set up the tent which was a mental challege in my state and left the fly off so i could see out. Mosquitoes swarmed outside the tent as i greedily ate the last shroom. I had a power bar and lied down for about 5 minutes and watch a mild set of visuals with eyes closed. Patterns like on tie dye shirts or 60s posters mostly in yellow and green. I had too much energy to lay still and got up and continued on the trail free of the pack this time. I felt like something important was about to happen like an earthquake or an atomic bomb blast. This section of the trail must have very few visitors as mushrooms were growing right on the trail. I followed the trail sometimes staggering almost, other times running my mind was racing, i sensed a clearing ahead several times where i would enter the sunshine but always more forest. As it began to get dark i returned to the tent. i found two mushrooms on the path yellow chanterelles with an odor that cannot be put into words. I returned to the site with my find. Near the tent i entered a moss covered wood and found some more chanterelles, the greeness of the moss everywhere. I found and abandoned trail to the river and followed it. I waded into the river, high as a kite. Now it was almost dark so i returned to the tent. On the way back i saw what seemed to be a dark figure on the path which scared me but it was just a shadow in the darkness. The trip was fading as i cooked the mushrooms in some oil, the smells and taste was amazing. Later i retired to the tent but was restless and slept only a few hours. The next day i still had lots of energy and had the most amazing sensation. I smell waves of the sweetest smell coming from the forest which normally had its normal earthy smell. What this was i dont know. I hiked some more that day and my now mortal body had to carry the pack back to the car. An amazing experience.

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