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kick ass

hey my names seth and about five days ago i went up to my cousin codys house.

hey my names seth and about five days ago i went up to my cousin codys house. we had abot a quater pound of weed and smoked all of it in 2 days, his dealer was in chicago so there was no way we could get any pot. so he asked me if i wanted to go shroom pickin with him,and i said yeah. we met up with his friend chunk, and went to the cow field and picked about a pound of psilocybe cubensis and went to chunks house to make some shroom tea. they didnt know how to make it so i had to. then chunks dad came home. he asked me who i was and what was i doin in his house. i freaked out grabed my shrooms and me and cody ran.

so we had to hide the shrooms untill that night. we figured we would make shroom smoothies.

so that night we made them, i put about 15 shrooms in the blender with milk chaclote ice cream and strawberries.(sounds like a treat but no, it was a brown foamy mess and tasted like shit.) but i drank it ne way.

about 15 minutes later cody was freakin out. he said that the walls were gonna crush him or som shit like that so i told him to go to bed and he did.i started to get upset. i began thinkin these were duds, and then , i started to feel wird. when i moved my hand, it was like it was slow motion. then i stared at the sofa. it started spin then turned ito the coolest lookin dragon i the world. i figured i was tripin pretty damn hard when the pillow turned into a lad bug. it was amazing. then i turned on the tv. it was a bad reception. it did that scramble thing. then i looked at the tv hard, it was moving. tiny ants were running across the screen. then, weird patterns started forming. they looked like dna things. so i turned the channle. another bad reception. but this time, the tv was dripping, almost like it was bleeding. it was so cool. then the sun rose, and i was tired. my trip started slowing down. then as it was almost over, i turned off the tv and went to sleep.

i woke up the next day and it was like a dream. i wasnt hung over or nothing. amazing

i would definitly do shrooms again. but not the smotthies. they were horrible

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