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K Fights 'Shrooms

Over the last 3 months I´ve taken way too much Ketamine to even bother thinking about.

Over the last 3 months I´ve taken way too much Ketamine to even bother thinking about. Fortunately, my supply has run out, and my daily rhythms are back on track.

Still, if I had any laying around I think I´d take it without thinking twice. The place it takes you too is more beautiful than any heaven anyone could imagine. One becomes a disembodied eye in a realm we all know as that collective consciousness. Only 2cb has brought me as far as Ketamine, and maybe that is why these two seem to mix quite well. But I´m here to talk about some other mixes which don´t seem to work so well.

About a week ago, after having abstained from taking Ketamine for a whole 18 hours, I decided to try 5 grams of dried mushrooms together with 175 mg of Moclobemide. What I was trying to attain I´m not quite sure of, but it had something to do with trying to forget the Ketamine Hole.

I made a tea, added some Vitamin C, and drank the contents, which tastes much better than eating the mushrooms. I then lay down and waited. Nausea came on in about 15 minutes (even though I had taken a anti-nausea tablet) and within 5 minutes I was laying at the porcelain God puking my insides out. Hallucinations (and I mean hallucinations, not just visions) came on in the next 5 minutes at full blast. The ceiling had completely given way to thousands of entities dancing around, each demanding more attention than the other. Suddenly Paranoia reared its ugly head as I looked at my hands and they started jumping around in circles. I also started feeling the Ketamine effects, which I hadn´t taken that day, completely envelope my mind as paranoia became stronger. My muscles started aching like crazy and many of my body parts were moving of their own accord. I couldn´t control my arms at all. They were just flying around all over the place. All this while I suddenly started hearing voices, screams, gun shots, and horrible sounds. It was like the Ketamine was fighting with the mushrooms.

At this point about 15 minutes had transcurred and I realised I was in for pure hell. Knowing that Moclobemide not only potentiates, but also elongates, I contemplated going to the hospital. I asked my sitter (at least I was intelligent enough to do this) to calm me down in some way. Of course, nothing she said helped me in any way whatsoever. My paranoia trigger was extremely high. anything she said that might trigger a weird thought got me doing strange things (at this point I was also half staggering, half crawling along the floor which was still entirely infested with loud jumpy entities.) Next door the neighbours were having a fight and what I heard and thought I heard were two entirely different movies. I thought I heard my neighbours screaming because their son was putting a bullet into his girlfriend´s head, while every car seemed to be raceing past to get the cops to come and lock me up, because they knew exactly what I was doing. All around people seemed to be gathering, chatting about that crazy guy doing weird shit in his house. I then proceeded to hide all my money, my drugs, and sat in paranoid hell for about another 12 hours.

The state I lived is the closest I´d ever want to get to pure insanity, and I´m surprised I actually made it through without any permanent psychotic problems. Most of the insanity was definetly caused by the K + Mushrooms mix, which is one of the most unbelievably horrible mixes in existence. I´m NEVER trying that one again, and I´m staying away from mushrooms for a loooong while.

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