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Just Feeling

About a year ago I stumbled upon this site and started reading up a lot on mushrooms.

About a year ago I stumbled upon this site and started reading up a lot on mushrooms. I never even smoked weed but after reading countless trip reports and tons of information on it, I decided that I really wanted to trip.

I tried so hard to get mushrooms, and growing them was out of the question because I live at home and my parents. After many close calls I finally got a hook-up of an 8th and 1/2.

A couple of my friends all bought shrooms and 2 of us were going to do it together while the other 2 watched over us, I'll call them E, N, and S(the other one ingesting with me). N picked me up at about 7:00 and we were going to our drug dealers to see if we could get some shrooms for my friend. While we were driving there I ate them one by one and washed it down with a Mt.Dew. After i finished eating the 8th + 1/2 I sat back waiting for it to come on. In about 10 minutes we got to the dealers place and as soon as i got out of the door i felt an intense body high. We went inside and my friend bought a bag of shrooms(for some reason a lot just popped up in our area). At this point I started feeling sick to my stomach and wanted to get back in the car as soon as possible. When i got back to the car I felt a lot better for some reason and the nausea went away. The first thing I noticed was the air vents on the car and the radio light made a sort of happy face on the dashboard. I couldn't believe I never saw that before and I started laughing, I thought it was a good sign of my trip to come.

We went to E's house and as soon as i got there i had to go to the bathroom, at this point i was tripping pretty hard and it felt really weird to pee. When I finally did i thought i pissed myself. I ran out of the bathroom with my pants down to my ankles asking them if i pissed myself.. they told me i didnt and i felt better. They went outside for a smoke and i went out with them.. i sat looking at the ground for a little bit and i realized they weren't around, so i walked to the front of the house and i saw a cop drive by, at this point i got slighty paranoid and i didnt know where they were. i started runnign back in forth. They eventually came back and apologized and we went back in the house. I sat on the couch and things started getting crazy. A bunch of people were at the house having a small party and I just sat and stared, I couldn't compute anything and I was just in total confusion. I saw colors streaming out of peoples hair and walls, my own body dimensions seemed out of whack, I looked at my legs and i thought they were 10 feet long. Some girls called me over and people told them I was shrooming, they started to try and fuck with me by waving stuff across my face and whispering my name really softly, I knew what they were doing but it didn't matter I felt as though I was above them in thinking and they were making a fool of themself. E told them to knock it off and they eventually did. Everyone then went down to the basement to smoke, at this point S was just sitting and staring. While I was down there I lost an idea of who i was, i started to feel totaly confused and it was impossible to decipher the thoughts in my head. I felt like I was a pulse of energy and i was moving across the room and making things happen. When i say i thought, i don't mean that in the sense of actually thinking it in my head. I was beyond that, I just felt. It's incredibly hard to explain. We went back upstairs and i sat on the couch again, this time i felt as though I was part of the couch, this was my peak because i vaguely remember it. I remember morphing in and becoming part of the couch and just swimming through it, I don't know how long this lasted but i eventually got up and started to think normal again, (although the visuals were still there). I was talking to this really hot girl we started talking about everything, she was high but she told me she felt as though she was connecting with me and felt as though we were on the same wavelength, I thought this was really cool, and i was amazed by her. I sat just looking at her in amazement.

By this time a lot of people left I sat on the couch and i was just filled with happiness, I remember watching the tv and seeing some fairly normal commercial but it looked so fucked up and scary, but i thought it was funny. A basketball game was on and their heads, arms, and legs were growing big then small again. A little bit later we left E's house and went to my other friends house. They were watching the cell and it seemed pretty fucked up but It didnt bother me at all, except S he kept wincing and looking so scared when somethign freaky was going on.

I went home a little bit later and slept on the couch, I kept hearing noises around me but nothign bothered me. I just went with it until i fell asleep around 2 o'clock in the morning.

I think after reading alot of stuff on the internet i was subconsciously aware of what was going on with me during my trip, thats why I was able to keep my cool in weird situations and nothing really got to me in a negative way even though i was blown away by everything.

There are a bout a thousand little things i could talk about in my trip but I know this thing is long enough. Thanks for reading my trip and Happy Shrooming =)

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