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First Tim3r

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ok well this happened about 2 months ago. here goes:

it had been a long time i had been looking for shrooms. i finally found some and bought an ounce, dried. the baggy had maybe 6 caps and 6-8 stems a a decent amount of shake. i decided to crush em all up into shake to evenly distribute all of the psychedelics. i weighed out 5 grams in a baggie, considering 1 gram for the bag itself. so i consumed 4 grams. 30 mins later i get really giddy as we started a dvd. i started to see alot of colors coming in waves around me with sparkles in them. the room was really distorted and moving alot. the blinds over the door and window to my right in the apartment seemed to constantly be moving and it was like i was thinking there was a terrible storm outside and the door kept opening and closing a lil as did the blinds on the door and the window. it was weird. i would see random lights of stuff to my left or right and look over there to see nothing. this all lasted maybe 70 minutes. then things were barely "breathing" at all and basically i just had thought-process trips. this lasted about 10 minutes. i became very discouraged and decided to go home. i felt super lazy the whole time - like i didnt want to get up and walk or anything. i found myself feeling a body buzz and still metally tripping but overall didnt really feel anything anymore. i fell asleep an hour after getting home and spacing out to some infomercial on TV.

my friend i was with took the same amount and had an -identical- experience. he wasn't pleased either. i thought it was going to last alot longer and be more fun. afterall, we ate 4 grams. i sold the rest of the ounce to my coworker who had previously grown and tripped on shrooms alot. her and her boyfriend put all of the shake into empty capsules. they tried these twice, each time taking around 3-4 grams (from what she said) and she said she and her boyfriend were more f*cked up then they had ever been in their life. she said she had never experienced anything like it before and that it was nothing like any of her previous ~20-30 trips on shrooms. she said she was forgetting to breathe and couldnt feel any part of her body and felt like she was dead/dying. she said they were totally f*cked like this for a good 6-7 hours. she said they were even having trouble talking. wtf? anyway, i rated my trip a 2 cuz i dont get it. it prolly should be a 1. if anyone has any info plz email me @ air@deathrowrecords2000.com


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