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just an eigth...wow

First off I'm a 20 year old male, 6'4" and 165 lbs.

First off I'm a 20 year old male, 6'4" and 165 lbs. I had an empty stomach and I was giddy like a schoolgirl when I found out I got an eigth to test out.

So this was only my second time doing shrooms. My first time I split an eigth with my roomate and it rated about a level 1 or so. Everything just seemed like an adventure...(you know what I mean)

This time was different. I was asking around about getting a q-per of shrooms and a friend of mine told me he could hook me up. He gave me an eigth to test out, and dropped them off early in the morning. He said his guy told them they were really potent, so naturally I ate the whole thing. I thought, how bad could an eighth make me trip? I also remember thinking how good they'd be because they tasted like ass, lol, not that that makes them stronger.

Well it started off cool...I was about 30 minutes into it, laughing and having a good time. My roomate then told me he needed me to drive him to the bank.(how thoughtful of him) I tried my best not to die of laughter at the drive up...Lol, I couldn't help myself. After that my roomate wanted to go sightseeing to really get the trip going. I told him no, and drove us both home where I proceeded to watch MAD TV. I remember thinking about how great this was and that I wanted to try doing a quarter when I got ahold of more.

Then shyt started to kick in. Colors got really bright, and the carpet started rippling in waves. I drank some water(very important) and kicked back waiting for more. A fuzzy vibrating feeling came over me and I kept telling my roomate how kickass the shrooms were. We got to talking about how he'd seen people take ounces at a time. At this point I was still talking to him but he walls and carpet were going crazy. Everything was breathing and flowing around really fast. Yet I remained locked in conversation.

Finally I had to use the bathroom and that's when the really crazy stuff happened....I stumbled across the house to the bathroom and closed the door. As I stared down at the toilet after doing my thing I felt as if my head were hit by multiple volts of electricity. Which, for some reason felt amazingly good. I also caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and laughed at the fact that I couldn't see my iris.

The periodical jolts to my head proceeded as I sat back down in a chair that had had been so blatently trying to catch my attention with its super bright colors earlier. My vision became all blurry and mosaic-like, and I felt as if the whole room were spinning out of control. I've always been in control of myself so I had no problem not freaking out. I just sat there and hummed and buzzed and tripped for a while.

About five hours into the trip I thought I was coming down so I decided to take a nap. I remember stumbling to my room and falling on my bed. I then stared at the wall and tripped wayyyyyyyyyy harder than before. Every once and a while I'd catch myself not breathing and have to remember to do so. I felt if I were connected to my bed. I couldn't move from it. Then I lost my vision...I don't remeber much from there, but my roomate said I was talking in complete jibberish for like three more hours before I fell asleep. He said it was like I had my own language or something.

All in all it was a pretty crazy, almost 9 hour, trip.

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