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Journey out bush

Me and a friend of mine went picking mushrooms.

Me and a friend of mine went picking mushrooms. We came back with about 500 or so :) About 6pm we started eating em, i had a about 20 or so to begin with. It took ages to start hitting but when it did I decided to have a few cones of good weed too. About 7pm i started getting these crazy alien patterns over my vision which was kinda cool. I thought, why not eat more so we both ate about another 30 or so in honey :) 8pm Holy fuck!!! This was crazy shit, and we had just run out of cigarettes. We had money, but no car and the closest shop was about 20km away. We decided to walk it, hehe :) Before we left we ate at least another 20-30 each and left. While i was walking down his huge dirt driveway i finally started to see shit. Firstly, this is out bush, really country type place. I saw a possum (i think), and i stared at its eyes for a while and it turned into a chesire cat!!! You know, off Alice in WOnderland. I thought, fuck me dead. While still walking I saw these little balls of light zooming around, going everywhere! We made it to the shop at about 11pm when it was closed, so we went out the back of it and knocked on the shopkeepers door and he sold em to me still :) The trip back, i saw many a crazy thing. We went cow tipping, climbing trees and everything. Got back to the house and made a banana smoothie with about 100 or so mushies, after drinking this i lost all normal thought and fully started trippin, i thought i almost saw god!!! when i came down though, i felt as though i was dieing, i could feel the poison in my body. Albeit this, that was the most fantastic trip ive ever had. Trust me fellas, trippin in the country rocks!!!!!

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