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Jedi vs. Blair Witch

This is somewhat after the peak of a Psilocybe cubensis induced Level 4.

This is somewhat after the peak of a Psilocybe cubensis induced Level 4.
Time: after Midnight
Place: Acerage just outside of the city.
Equipment: 1 Lightsaber bought at Toys "R" fun.

After sitting and enjoying the usual colours, light & mind warps, smoking buds etc, someone came up with the brilliant idea of going outside to explore the "yard". I brought along my new Jedi green lightsaber to ward off fear and protect my friends, if necissary.

A few words about the saber. The 3 foot plastic blade glows Bright green, and the handle vibrates and hums, changing pitch as you swing it around. Very cool. Massive green visual tracers, and my friend saw a purple "audio tracer" following it too. Good for him.

Anyways, as the group explored, I hung back a little bit, exploring the potential of swinging my saber around in a manner that I couldn't quite achive in a crowded room. It was awesome. the harder I swished, the bigger the tracer.

I needed an enemy to challenge.. an evil to fight.. Being a lot of trees around, I looked for some sort of evil forest dweller, and then I saw it. In the tree. One of these Blair Witch twig symbols!

AHHHHG! that Movie freaked me out, and here I was, in a forest-ish environment and all alone! I couldn't call out to my distant friends, because then "it" would all become real, you know the feeling: You can tell yourself that it's all in YOUR head, but if two other shrooming people say something about it too, it becomes real, and you all get the fear.

So there I was. In raw fear I set myself in that Jedi pose. I tried to remember how to use the force. When I was 12 I used to dream that I could use it. This was 13 years later..

I suddenly connected with my childhood. In a blinding flash of realization and clarity I felt/saw two things:

1)the 12 year old mini-me wanted only to be a Jedi.
2)I was now 25, and holding a lightsaber against forces of Evil

I was instantly EVERYTHING I WANTED TO BE IN MY LIFE! I felt the force! I let it guide my sabre! I swung fast and out of control, dancing and laughing. Everything in the world was mine. I spun into the air on an indescribable wave of ecstacy and invincibility. It lasted for days.

I don't remember how it ended. But what I had done was enough for now. I felt I could bring it back at any time. My friends had met me when returning to the house, and I told them I was a Jedi now. They agreed. I have cool friends.

I showed them the Witch symbol (birdhouse) in the trees and after hesitant examination, we declared it ot be a friendly object, and that there were no witches around. Blair or otherwise; but just in case, let's get back in the house now.

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